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Unexpected visitors at 04:30 this morning…

By Marcus Santer

Louis is a Labrador’s Labrador.

He’s not one of these tall lanky Labs.

Oh, no.

He’s short and stocky.

Built like I a brick shithouse and perfectly designed for pushing through thick bracken to retrieve freshly shot game.

It also means he’s very good at opening doors…

By pushing his way through them…

With his head.

Now let me back up a bit because I’m telling this story in the wrong order.

Okay, so Clarabella went out last night and when she got back she was all wired from the meeting and wanted to decompress in front of the TV for an hour.

That’s fine, but it was 10pm when she sat down.

My bedtime.

So I gave her a hug and was about to go to bed when she asked if I would take Sammy downstairs as he was being a nuisance.

Sammy is Louis little cat brother.

What he lacks in bulk he makes up for in smarts and sheer bloody tenacity.

When he’s awake and in the house it’s like he’s always after something. Now he never really seems particularly clear on what it is, but he’s pretty certain that you must have it. And as a result he can be quite a pest at time.

And that’s when it happened.

The misunderstanding that’s resulted in me feeling like a zombie this morning, unable to string a sentence together.

But let me back up a bit because I’m still telling this story in the wrong order.

So I picked Sammy up and went to take Clarabella’s half empty glass of milk downstairs too, so I could lock up and shut up for the night.

But Clarabella said to leave it…

That she’d take it down.

So I was left with the idea that Clarabella would lock up and shut up when she went to bed.

And Clarabella was left with the idea that I was locking before I went to bed.

Now this misunderstanding didn’t come to light until 04:30 this morning.

When Louis used his door opening skills to let himself into the bedroom, with his little brother Sammy in hot pursuit.

Now Louis isn’t very subtle.

He opens a door with all the finesse of the DEA doing a raid.

So it was a bit of a shock…

To put it mildly.

And eventually my sleep filled head worked out what had happened and my body dropped out of hyper-space.

Now if it had been Louis on his own… No biggy – he’ll just lay at side of the bed and sleep.

But Sammy is a totally different ball game.

And as he launched himself onto the bed I knew I was going to have to get up and take them both back downstairs.

Shuffling down the stairs and into the living room I found my brain registering that the lamp was still on…

And the kitchen light was still on…

And the backdoor was unlocked.

After turning everything off and locking the door I went back to bed and asked Clarabella why she hadn’t locked up?

And that’s when the misunderstanding was revealed in all it’s glory.


Well, it’s a recipe for a less then productive day.

Fortunately I’ve Qigong, dog walks and NASA power naps to see me right.

And one late night of disturbed sleep won’t do you or me much harm, but when you have a string of them…

Well, sleep deprivation has been linked to some pretty gnarly issues:

To mention a few.

Bottom line?

Insufficient sleep, poor quality sleep and fatigue are serious enemies to your health and vitality.

Fortunately I’ve created a 28 day program to help you sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and good to go.

It’s called The Sleep Solution

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And if The Sleep Solution sounds like it might be of benefit to you…

You’ll find full details here.

Bye for now


P.S. I reckon Sammy talked Louis into busting the doors open and visiting us at stupid O’Clock this morning.

Clarabella has a different theory…

She thinks Louis simply wanted to let us know we’d left the lights on and the house unlocked.


I’m going to be firing on half cylinders for the rest of the day, all because of a simple misunderstanding.

But if you want help getting better quality sleep.

If you’d like to wake up in a morning feeling refreshed and ready to go as soon as your feet touch the floor…

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