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PERFECT Qigong Norway – Weekend Workshops

By Marcus Santer

I usually have a quote for you on a Saturday and Sunday.

But today, I’m going to do something different…

Today the whole of this Z+D is written by Yngvild Aas, the wonderful and talented PERFECT Qigong organiser in Norway…

Take it away Yvi:


Have you ever restarted your computer?

And been amazed that it suddenly worked perfectly again?

Just because you turned it off, and then back on again?

We humans are like that too.

We need to be switched off completely from time to time. That’s why people for thousands of years have made use of relaxation techniques, mediation, prayer and so on in order to find new energy.

Qigong is one such method.

Qigong was created in China thousands of years ago and exists today in many variations.

Usually it is practiced standing but it can be adjusted if you cannot stand.

Marcus Santer is a professional Qigong teacher from England who has taught Qigong for 12 years in:

This year he will be coming to Norway for the first time..

PERFECT Qigong Norway – Weekend Workshops

I have full details of both workshops but you can see them for yourself on this page:

PERFECT Qigong Workshops Norway 2015


Thanks Yvi!

I love her idea of switching off and back on again – brilliant.

I’ve never been to Norway before, but it looks like such a breath-taking-ly beautiful country and I can’t wait to visit and share PERFECT Qigong.

I’m very excited =)

Like Yvi said, you can find full details of the workshops and make your booking…

==> Right Here <== Bye for now Marcus P.S. Special *time-limited* offer if you book both workshops.

Full details…

==> Right Here <==