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Is this the #1 reason you need sleep?

By Marcus Santer

Tis the celebration of my 44th Journey around the sun =)

4 years ago today I remember looking at myself in the mirror and really not liking what I saw.

Or liking how I felt.

Unable to squash those feelings with a Porsche or Rolex watch I did the next thing guys my age tend to do…

I decided to get into the best shape of my life.

Long story short: The ZEN+ System is the result.

Now I’m stronger, healthier and better looking than I was 4 years ago.

I’m more modest too =)

But enough about me, because I’ve got something earth shatteringly important to share with you today.

I discovered it whilst doing my household chores yesterday.

And no, it wasn’t behind the U-bend in the toilet, it was a TED talk.

Let me explain…

Every organ in your body faces two basic problems:

  1. Problem: A continuous supply of nutrients.
    Solution: The circulatory system sends a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen to every corner of your body via blood vessels.
  2. Problem: An efficient way to get rid of waste products.
    Solution: The lymphatic system collects proteins and other waste products from the spaces within your cells and puts them into your blood to be disposed off.


If you looked closely at a diagram of the lymphatic system, you’d quickly notice there are no lymphatic vessels in the brain.


How can that be?

I mean your brain makes up about 2 percent of your total body mass.


It uses up to a 1/4 of your body’s total energy supply.

And you can bet it produces a lot of waste in the process.

So how does the brain do it?

Well, I’m going to explain, but hang on tight cos it might get a little scientific in places =)

You see, your body is very clever.

Researchers found that cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) fills the space around the brain and takes up waste from the cells of the brain and – like the lymphatic system – places it into the blood to be disposed off.

But what the researchers found that’s really important is the brain has a specialised network of plumbing to facilitate this process.

The CSF travels on the outside of the blood vessels INTO and through the brain and actively cleans away waste from between the spaces of the brains cells. This process of repurposing blood vessels to act as lymphatic vessels is unique to the brain.

The bright sparks who discovered it called it the “Glymphatic system”


And it’s a huge, sweaty, slimy and stinky butt…

This vital waste disposal system I just explained only happens in the sleeping brain.

When you’re awake and being stimulated by my writing the amount of CSF travelling through and cleansing waste from your brain is almost nothing.

Now can you understand why getting enough, good quality sleep is essential to literally cleansing your brain and allowing you to wake up with a clear head and a sharp mind?

And just before you shoot off…

Let me share a little bit more of the research findings with you and see if I can really get you to sit up and take notice.

Because one of the waste products these studies focused on was amyloid-beta (AB) a protein constantly being made in the brain. But in patients with Alzheimer’s disease it’s been found that AB levels build up in the brain instead of being cleaned out.

My best current understanding is that this AB build up is one of the key steps in the development of Alzheimers.

Caveat: Whilst recent studies demonstrate a lack of enough quality sleep is linked to an increase of AB in the brain. They don’t prove that a lack of sleep can cause Alzheimers.

But they do suggest it could be a contributing factor.

More research needs to be done.

But the moral of today’s ZEN+ Daily is:

Your brain can only cleanse itself of waste products when you get enough quality sleep.

And because the functioning of your brain is critical to the health and functioning of your entire body…

You better make certain getting fantastic sleep is your #1 priority.

Not something you treat as second place to watching a bit more TV, surfing the web or doing whatever it is you do when you should be in bed asleep.

Now if you need help getting the kind of sleep that recharges your body, sharpens your mind and cleanses your brain…

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