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If you want to live forever… You better move here…

By Marcus Santer


I read an interesting article in the New York post yesterday (thanks Jordan!)

Called: If you want to live forever, move to this Italian town.

It’s a story about Alan Maisel, cardiologist and professor at the University of California in San Diego.

Whilst holidaying in Acciaroli – a small village at the southern end of Italy’s Amalfi coast he couldn’t believe how many people in their 90’s and 100’s he saw.

But what was more incredible was how many of them were overweight and smoked.

Very interesting…

He started digging and discovered that whilst Acciaroli has a population of around just 2,000 – 15 percent of them (300) have reached 100 – compare that to the USA where only 0.02 percent will hit the century mark.

And what’s really fascinating is that nearly 60 of these Acciaroli elders have reached 110.

They also have low rates of Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

In spite of a diet filled with cigarettes and wine.


So what the heck is going on?

Well, we’ll have to wait and see, because Maisel and researchers from the Sapienza University of Rome have only recently teamed up to see what the folks of Acciaroli are doing and what we can learn from them.


Here’s the scoop on what they’ve found so far:

All well and good…

… Just remember that simply introducing rosemary and anchovies into your diet ain’t gonna get you to 100+ if the rest of your diet stinks!

Just saying.

They also plan to collect and study blood samples and questionnaires over the next few months in order to see if the clue to their health and longevity lies in their genes.

The study will also involve tests to look at:

To see what they can learn about healthy ageing.

I can’t wait to read their results.


Acciaroli reminds me of the small village of Campodimele – also in Italy.

Here the average life expectancy is 95.

Folk there still grow and harvest their own food in their 70’s and beyond.

And their average life expectancy is 95…

… Compared to the USA which is 78.

But what I found especially fascinating about the locals in Acciaroli has to do stress.

Apparently they’re super chill-axed and sit around a lot drinking coffee and wine.

They simply don’t seem to have much stress which as Maisel so vividly puts it:

“Stress wipes out your immune system.
It eats at your brain cells.”

Ouch, sounds nasty.

And it is.

Negative stress really is very nasty and makes everything you’re trying to do so much harder.

From fat loss to fantastic sleep and everything else in between.

So what do you do if you’re unable to move to a remote part of Italy and kick back and relax for the rest of your days?

You practice Qigong – that’s what.

It’s the most powerful – drug free – system for deliberately turning off your overstimulated: fight, flight or freeze mode and turning on your underutilised: Rest, Repair and Build mode.

And if you’re in a rush and want to get started with Qigong ASAP…

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Your choice.

Whatever you do – do something.

Because too much stress is robbing you of your health and vitality.

Bye for now


P.S.Contrary to what the popular press and the latest best selling book tell you…

… There are no secrets to living and ageing well.

What I see in Acciaroli reminds me of what I’ve seen happen in:

And other places and studies too numerous to mention.

The fact is, the core guidelines and recommendations for living and ageing well crop up over and over again.

And I’ll tell you exactly what they are – and based on my research – their order of importance.

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