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Here’s the answer to how much sleep you need…

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday quote:

“I used to suggest that sleep is the third pillar of good health, along with diet and exercise, but I don’t agree with that anymore. Sleep is the single most effective thing you can do to reset your brain and body for health.”
Prof. Matthew P. Walker

You know over the last 5 years of researching successful ageing, I haven’t come across a single study suggesting that sleep isn’t as essential as it’s made out to be.

Not one.

The only folk I know of who think sleep is something you can skimp on is motivational speakers and newbie Qigong practitioners.

Fact: If you’re not treating sleep with the respect it deserves you’re short changing yourself.

It’s as simple as that.

The infographic below from the SleepFoundation.org clearly shows you how much sleep you need to be getting every night

how much sleep do you need

Which reminds me of an experiment I did back in 2015.

I brought together a small group of 31 pioneers.

Our shared mission was to explore sleep.

And for 28 days we kept in regular contact and pooled our findings.

Along the way we discovered:

And so much more.

After the experiment was over I spent the next 3 weeks collecting all the information, techniques, tips, questions, answers and research together to create The Sleep Solution: A simple 28 day program to help you sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and good to go.

It contains 43 powerful tips and techniques designed to give you the gift of fantastic sleep.

In it you’ll find:

  1. The 3 vital lessons learned from our 28 day sleep experiment
  2. How to create and stick to a sleep routine
  3. How to reframe your attitude towards sleep
  4. How to minimise getting up in the night to go to the toilet
  5. How to get to sleep when your sleepy thought is hard to find
  6. The question you need to ask yourself on a regular basis if you want fantastic sleep
  7. Everything you ever wanted to know about naps
  8. The truth about habits no-one else is telling you

And that’s just 8 of the 43 tips and techniques you’ll find clearly laid out for you in the Sleep Solution.

Apply them and they’ll help you to wake up in a morning feeling refreshed and good to go…

… Instead of more tired than when you went to bed.

Everything you’ll find in The Sleep Solution has been tried and tested.

Simply give it a fair try and I promise to refund you in full if you’re not completely satisfied with your results.

1 month, 3 months, 1 year – It doesn’t matter.

If you’re not totally delighted with The Sleep Solution, if you don’t feel it’s worth what you paid for it, simply let me know and I’ll give you all your money back.

All the risk is on me to help you get started on a lifetime of better sleep.

So if you want fantastic sleep and all the benefits it is proven to deliver why not give it a try?

What’s the worse that could happen?

Just bear in mind that The Sleep Solution is not available on eBay or Amazon.

You can only get it here.

Bye for now