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Your last chance to get this…

By Marcus Santer

As I sit here in my woffice writing this to you, the room is filling with the smell of printer ink.

Hang on a minute…

That’s better, I needed to open a window.

So where was I?

Oh yeah, I’m printing off the last 30 copies of Aprils double-sized, third birthday edition of The Journal.

Which means you’re running out of time to get one.

Here’s a quick list of benefits you’ll get from it:

To name a few.


Plus as a ZEN+ Journal reader you also get the following advantages:

As a Journal reader…I’m here to help you.

And if all that on its own wasn’t enough to get you on board I’m prepared to go the extra mile.

Because I know that no matter how good all of this sounds, you might have very reasonable objections to joining a monthly subscription based group.

I certainly would.

Well you’ve no need to worry, because I’ve worked out a way to transfer all the risk of becoming a ZEN+ Journal reader over onto my shoulders.

Here’s how:

By offering a two month, better than risk free guarantee.

Just quickly it works like this:

If after two months of reading the Journal you feel – for any reason – that it fails to live up to the promises I’ve made about it.

Heck, even if it does but you simply change your mind…

Just let me know and I’ll cancel your membership to The Journal and immediately give you a 100% refund on your subscription fees in full.

No questions asked.

You’ll also get to keep the £65 PERFECT Qigong book and DVD set – my way of saying thanks for giving the Journal a try.

And of course you’ll also get to keep the two copies of The Journal you’ve received with my compliments.

All of which means:

The worst that can happen for you if you become a Journal reader today is you get £125 of my work for free.

Like I said…

All the risk is on me to deliver on my promise about how beneficial The Journal can be for you.

Here’s what to do next:

Click here to be taken to the ZEN+ Journal web-page and join me now.

But hurry because once I’ve finished printing and gone to the post office, the only way you’ll be able to get this edition of The Journal is as a back issue.

And back issues are only available to current Journal readers.

Bye for now


P.S. The ZEN+ Journal is a minimum of 12 pages each month and goes into far greater detail than any of my online daily posts.

And remember you’re covered by my two month better than risk free guarantee.

I cannot promise that better health, strength and vitality will instantly be yours if you start reading The Journal, but I can guarantee you will find The Journal:

Click here to be taken to the ZEN+ Journal web-page and join me now.