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What is a ZEN Beast and why would you want to be one?

By Marcus Santer

I got an email the other day from a guy asking me what a ZEN Beast is.

And as I can’t think of anything else to write today, I thought I’d write this post to clear up what a ZEN Beast is and why you’d want to become one.

So here goes…

1. What is a ZEN Beast?

I never had a nickname.

Not at school, college, University or any of the jobs I’ve had.

Then about a year ago, whilst congratulating me on passing The Century and earning my Progressive Callisthenics Certificate, one of my Inner Circle: Donna AKA ‘Grasshopper’ called me a ZEN Beast.

And I like it.

It works on so many levels and if you want to learn more about it read this post:

==> Please Welcome The ZEN Beast <== In a nutshell, a ZEN Beast is someone who can practice the skills and techniques required to stack the odds of a:

Life heavily in the favour… Without needing anything outside of the knowledge they have in their own head.


Armed only with what they learn from me, you could pick a ZEN Beast up and plonk them down pretty much anywhere on this beautiful planet and they’d continue to have what they need to be – or become – strong, fit and healthy.

When a ZEN Beast travels, their knowledge takes up no room in their luggage.

2. Why would you want to be a ZEN Beast?

I guess I kinda pretty much covered that in Q1.

But if you want to:

All without access to a gym, gadgets, pills or potions.

Then you might want to consider becoming a ZEN Beast


Why is there always a butt?

Not everyone can become a ZEN Beast because it requires a rare and special talent.

A talent I think used to be common place, but now is incredibly rare.

And what is this talent?

The ability to absorb information and then put it into action daily.

Like I said that’s rare these days.

But if you’re tired of:

And you’re ready to:

Then you might be one of the rare few who has what it takes to become a ZEN Beast today.

Still interested?

==> Get started here <== Bye for now Marcus P.S. Whilst there really is no secret to living and ageing well.

Knowing what to do and doing it everyday – for the rest of your life – is very challenging.

The key is to start by making a few small changes to your current lifestyle, gain some momentum and then keep going.

Everything you need to know to get started, along with a 30 day challenge to help you put your new knowledge into practice and gain momentum…

==> Is waiting for you here <== Do you have what it takes to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in your favour?