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Want to be a part of history?

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”
Bertrand Russell

You know what?

With more than a decade of teaching and writing about Qigong under my belt I feel pretty cock sure about my ability to teach Qigong.


If someone knocked on my door right now and told me a world famous Qigong teacher had cancelled on them last minute and they’d got 1000 people in a hall down the road waiting to do a two day Qigong workshop. And would I come – right now – and teach them?

I’d say: “Sure, let me just get changed.”

And I’d rock the house.


When it comes to teaching ZEN+ life extension skills face to face, in a group…

Well that’s got me quaking in my boots.

I have a lot of doubt.

Doubt about:

And so on.

I don’t mind admitting that I’m more than a little scared about taking ZEN+ out on the road.

Not that I’m going to let it stop me though.

Ugh, ugh.

The more research I do the more certain I am ZEN+ has plenty to offer anyone who cares about living a long, healthy and happy life.

So what do I do?

Here’s what I’ve decided.

I’m going to book a small venue and invite people to come and help me test-drive a ZEN+ weekend workshop. I’ll be there with a stack of notes and you can be there to help me learn from direct experience what needs to be in future ZEN+ workshops.

I’m looking at a few venues now and as long as I don’t bottle it I’m aiming to put this event on during the 2nd or 4th weekend in June.

The cost?

Because this is a test-drive, because it’s going to be rough around the edges and because I’m full of doubt the cost will only be whatever it takes to cover the hire of the venue.

Add to that your travel expenses and accommodation and I think you’ll find it all very affordable.

And I promise you a weekend unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. Because not only will you be the first to sample ZEN+ “workshop style”, but you’ll also be able to help me shape all future workshops.

If this event sounds like something that might be of interest, value and benefit to you…

If you like the idea of helping me to pave the way for future generations of ZEN Beasts…

If you want to get in on the ground floor and be part of ZEN+ history…

If you’ve got a pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure…

Then keep watching for further news.

Bye for now