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The Winning Logic of Dougie Morris

By Marcus Santer

Boy did it rain here yesterday.

It came down so hard and fast the gutters couldn’t cope with it.

At one point so much water was falling over the edge that when I looked out of the window, it was like I was stood behind a waterfall looking out.


This morning whilst doing my Qigong I had to wonder:

Is there anything as delicious as the smell of the English countryside after a serious soaking?

And it’s that smell, yesterdays Z+D and wondering what to write today that evoked the memory I’m going to share with you now.

I give you…

The winning logic
of Dougie Morris

Growing up in the wild and rugged Yorkshire countryside the Morris’s were the best friends a boy could have.

They were untamed with fearless hearts of gold.

Oh the adventures we had.

And the trouble we got into.

Like the one time Dougie’s winning logic landed me in truly deep water with my parents.

Let me explain…

It was a different time and a different world.

As kids we were allowed out to play and roam as far and wide as we wanted in the time allowed to us.

Woods, streams, abandoned railways, centuries old churches and farms surrounded us and nowhere was out of bounds to kids who always wanted to know:

What’s around the next corner?

I must’ve been about 10 when this story happened, because I had my awesome Casio watch on that played a million different tunes.

Back then the more tunes a watch could play the more better it was.

Now my mum had told me to be in by 7pm.

Looking at my watch it was already 5 past.

And I was still at least 5 minutes away from home and I knew I was going to get a telling off.

Now Dougie didn’t have curfews.

So when I told him I was going to be in trouble he hit me with the most beguiling logic I’d ever heard in all my 10 years.

It went like this:

Dougie: “So you’re gonna get told off for being late when you get home?”

Me: “Yup”

Dougie: “And you’re gonna be, what? 10 minutes late?”

Me: “Yup”

Dougie: “So why not be an hour later? It’s not like they can tell you off twice is it?”

I really couldn’t fault Dougie’s winning logic.

So me and Dougie spent the stolen hour wrestling, throwing grass at each other and generally messed around like boys will.

It was w — a — y past 8 when I finally got home.

My parents were furious.

That’s when I discovered the flaw in Dougie’s logic.

Whilst he was right about my parents not being able to tell me off twice. He hadn’t taken into account how loud they could shout and many sanctions they could impose:

That kinda stuff.

Damn Dougie and his logic =)

And the point of this lovely little story?

I guess it’s this:

Now having said that…

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