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Supersonic Sewer Sauce

By Marcus Santer

I don’t have the greatest sense of smell in the world.

But even I knew something wasn’t right as I walked down the stairs this morning at 06:30.

Now I wasn’t feeling my usual sprightly self.

Because Clarabella and Ollie are on school holidays and working from home like I do, it’s kinda hard not to get sucked into their party atmosphere of late nights and easy living =)

But as I opened the living room door, my olfactory fears were confirmed.

Louis had laid out some toxic dog crap on the floor.

Or as Clarabella would say: He’d dropped the kids off =)

Now the living room floor is laminated, but Louis had clearly decided he wanted something soft under his paws and had chosen to drop his ass monkeys off on the rug.

Looking down, my eyes confirmed that wasn’t no chocolate pudding, ugh, ugh, that was candy straight from hell.

Long story short, I just spent the last hour on clean up duty.

I’ve got all the windows wide open and thank heavens it’s a beautiful sunny day, but I can still smell Louis supersonic sewer sauce.

All of which means I’m seriously behind schedule.

But that’s life isn’t it?

You’re trucking along nicely, you’ve got a plan and you’re working your plan.

And then something happens.

You get knocked off course or you hit an obstacle you weren’t expecting and you’ve know idea how you’re going to get over it, under it, around it or through it.

So three quick points:

  1. It’s nice to get to your destination, but it’s who you become during the journey that counts.
  2. You can’t control what happens – this is life remember – but you can manage your response to what happens. Choose wisely.
  3. This might be a page in your life, it might even be a chapter, but it’s not the book.

So whatever aspect of ZEN+ you’re currently working on stick with it.

Because as the saying goes…

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

But I know you can do this.

Right, I gotta go.

Looks like I’m playing catch up today.

Bye for now


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