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Stuff people don’t want to know #1: Escape Velocity

By Marcus Santer


“Travelling from the surface of Earth to Earth orbit is one of the most energy intensive steps of going anywhere else. This first step, about 400 kilometers away from Earth, requires half of the total energy needed to go to the surface of Mars.

The cost of this first step is due to the magnitude of Earth’s gravity. And physics dictates that paying a penny less than the full cost will result in Earth repossessing your spacecraft in a not so gentle way. The giant leap for mankind is not the first step on the Moon, but in attaining Earth orbit.”
Flight Engineer Don Pettit – Nasa

Now I was looking for a rather more pithy statement.

Something like:

“A rocket uses 95% of it’s fuel simply to reach space.”

But after an hour of searching I couldn’t find anything reliable.

Lot’s of hear-say sure.

But stuff backed up by facts?

Ugh Ugh.

Maybe my Google-Fu is weak, but the quote above is the hardest core fact I can find that spells out how a rocket uses most of its fuel simply to reach Earth orbit.

So what?

Well, it’s a nice metaphor for a fact no-one really wants to know.

And what is that fact?

Glad you asked.

Put simply…

If you want to change a habit or reach a goal – let’s call this: New You

You’re going to have to expend most of your energy and maintain it simply to break free of Old You.

Cuz Old You has magnitude.

Like Earth’s gravity.

And like a rocket trying to break free and reach space… You’re going to have work real hard to break free from your Old You and reach your New You.

I know, I know.

This hard work philosophy I’ve got going on really is a popular as a fart in a spacesuit.

But you know what?

I don’t care.

My job as your coach is to give it to you straight.

And whilst everyone else is telling you you can transform any aspect of your life quickly, easily and effortlessly I’m here to say that’s B.S.

For example…

Stacking the odds of a:

And more independent life in your favour is SIMPLE.

But it sure as sugar ain’t easy or effortless.

Especially if you’ve spent decades reinforcing unhelpful lifestyle habits.

But it can be done.

It simply depends on if you want it badly enough.

And if you do and you’re ready to put in the effort to break free of the magnitude of your Old You‘s gravity…

Go here next.

Bye for now


P.S. It’s the time of year when many – otherwise intelligent – folk think something magical is going to happen simply because it’s a New Year.

And they’re going to effortlessly transform their lives for the better.

Yet studies show the truth: With only 8 percent achieving their resolutions.

Why do the other 92 percent fail?

I believe it’s because they won’t/can’t put in the work required to break free from the gravitational pull of their Old Self in order to reach their New Self.

And make no mistake about it Grasshopper…

Change is hard.

Though there is one time when it isn’t and I’ll tell you what that is tomorrow.

But in the meantime…

If you’re ready to blast off into space – Get yourself into the ZEN+ Home Study Course