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My first answer to nearly every question is…

By Marcus Santer

healthy ageing coaching

My friends used to call me binary boy.

How come?

Well it’s because I saw everything as black and white…

Yin or Yang…

0 or 1.

But eventually, with the gift of maturity, I came to realise life isn’t like that.

It’s more grey…

More the black dot in the white fish (& vice versa) and more hex-decimal =)

Today I make an effort to see things as being on more of a spectrum.

Though the more HAP coaching questions I get the more I realise binary thinking is very common.

You see I regularly get binary questions from my coaching clients that go like this:

And so on.

And do you know what my first answer is to pretty much every question is?

It’s this:

“It depends.”

And it depends on a lot of variables but frequently it depends on the person asking the question.


Because it depends on their aims and objectives.

It depends on their experience so far.

And it depends on how serious they are.

One dudes meat is another dudes poison and all that jazz.

For example:

If your aim is to deadlift 500kg you’re going to be doing things very differently to the person who wants to get 5,000 steps in a day.

If you’re used to setting and sticking to a ratio of macronutrients each day for months on end, you’re going to be doing things very differently to the person who’s never dieted in their life.

And if you’re doctor has told you you need to get into better shape… Or else, you’re going to be far more serious about the work ahead than the person who just kinda wants to get into better shape.

You see my point?

So yes…

Whilst there are broad strokes when it comes to successful ageing.

There’s often a bit more to it than that.

So if you’ve ever wanted the finer points…

If you want tailor made…

If you want specific answers to help you meet your personal goals.

Then you need direct access to me.

Which is where my Healthy Ageing Coaching program comes in.

I offer two different options:

  1. Email only
  2. Email and phone

…depending on your needs and the level of support required.

For full details…

… And to find out if you’re a helicopter, an aeroplane or a train (I’m a train)…

Go here next.

But hurry because I only have a few more spaces available before I have to stop taking new clients and add you to a waiting list.

Bye for now