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Let’s talk about sin…

The Saturday Quote:

“Sin is whatever obscures the Soul.”
André Gide


It’s one of those words isn’t it?

It conjures up a lot of strong emotion.

Personally I like André Gide’s version of the word.

I read this quote a few days ago and it took me back to something my teacher said over a decade ago.

I think it was during my first Cosmic Shower workshop.

During a Q&A session my teacher explained how:

We are made perfect in the image of God.

This statement really clicked with me, because I was studying the Lotus Sutra at the time. And the whole message of that Sutra is that the Buddha reveals everyone has Buddha Nature.

That is we all have the capacity for Buddhahood.

Gee – if you’re reading the Louts Sutra I sure hope I didn’t spoil the ending for ya!


In my opinion you’re already made perfect.

Your job is simply to work out how to release as Browning termed it your “imprisoned splendor”


Be clearing away layers of ignorance, faulty thinking, or in western terms… Sin.

If you clear away this sin your Soul will be revealed in all its glory.

And in the process you’ll find yourself healthy and strong.

So what’s the best exercise I know for cleansing?

Glad you asked.

The answer is: Cosmic Shower.

And in case you’ve forgotten, Qigong performs two important functions:

  1. Remove blockages to the harmonious flow of energy through the meridian (energy streams) of your body
  2. Increase the flow of energy

And thanks to the enormous amount of stress, strain, distraction and overwhelm life in the 21st Century throws at you, I also believe removing blockages or cleansing is the best use of your Qigong time.

Do this and you’ll find you don’t need to add any extra energy to feel more:

You just need full access to the energy you already have.

So whether you want to practice Cosmic Shower for Spiritual reasons or simply for stress management purposes – that’s up to you.

But you want to be practicing Cosmic Shower.

Sound interesting?

Would you like to learn more?

Well, on October 25th I’ll be teaching a Cosmic Shower workshop in the beautiful city of Trondheim in Norway.

And you’re invited.

You’ll discover how to:

You’ll also get plenty of time to get answers to your questions.

Anyway, I’ve got to get going.

You’ll find full details of what I’m teaching in Norway this October ==> Here <==

I look forward to meeting you.

Bye for now


P.S. I won’t have time during the workshops to talk ZEN+

But if you attend, and want me to help you with your ZEN+ practice, just let me know and I’ll be certain to make time outside of the workshops to get you sorted.

Can’t say nay fairer than that now can I?

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