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I slid slowly and relentlessly into the icy embrace of the sea

By Marcus Santer

When I was 13 I went fishing with my dad at Starcross.

Starcross is a tiny little village on the side of the Exe Estuary, it has a couple of pubs, a small primary school and a load of houses.

It’s also the quickest way to get to Exmouth on the other side of the estuary. Because as the crow flies it’s less than a mile. But by car it’s at least 18 miles. Fortunately they built the Starcross – Exmouth ferry that runs usually between March and October.

Though personally why anyone would want to go to Exmouth is beyond me.

Anyway, none of that is important to this story, what is important though is the Starcross Pier which the ferry runs from.

You see, the water at Starcross is tidal due to being so close to the sea and the pier sticks out a good way into the estuary. Making it a great strategic point for fishermen.

Because even when the tide is out, the water is still deep.

Now when you look closely at the pier you can see a very clear line that shows how far up high tide reaches. And below that line the pier is covered in a permanent slippery, slimey, seaweedy silt.

So back to the story.

Me and my dad are at the end of Starcross pier.

It’s winter, it’s cold and it’s getting dark and we’re fishing.

The tide was very far out. Much further than usual, because as I looked down the stairs at the end of the pier, I saw a 6ft square flat platform I’d never seen before because it was always underwater.

But now it was revealed and the estuary was only inches below it.

In the failing light I noticed a shoal of large mullet mooching around near the platform.

And I had an idea.

Even though my dad had made it clear not to go down the stairs, because the wood was covered in slippery, slimy, seaweedy silt, I was going to go down and catch me a mullet or two and impress my dad.

Because we’d caught nothing all day.

The first few stairs were fine. Good ole’fashioned solid wood.

But then I hit the first step covered covered in slime and I knew I was in trouble because my foot slipped and as I turned around to head back up the stairs my foot fell off the stair and I went down face first.

And began to slide down the stairs.


But surely.

And there was nothing I could do to stop my progress towards the cold embrace of the estuary.

I panicked.

And time did that crazy thing it does where it slows right down and shows you your impending doom in full, super technicolor glory.

I could clearly see the marks my finger nails had scratched into the silty, slippery, seaweedy, surface of the wooden stairs as I slide slowly and relentlessly down towards the water.

Finally I slide belly-down onto the flat platform, I heard a splash as my body pushed my fishing rod into the estuary and I felt and icy coldness penetrate my shoes as my feet went over the edge and into the water.

And thank all that’s holy I stopped sliding.

Now all I had to do was get back to the top of the stairs.

Which I managed by sliding my arm through to the back of each step, gripping it securely with my hand and doing the same with the next step up.

It was slow progress.

But I made it.

Now I was scared about what my dad would say about the state I was in (I looked like I’d been mud wrestling with all my clothes on) and I’d lost my fishing gear.


The reason I share this story with you, is it makes a really good metaphor for how I felt aged 40 when I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt I was sliding relentlessly into the arms of everything that’s bad about growing older:

And I felt there was nothing I could do about it.

But I was wrong.

Long story short I discovered a set of simple tools that can help you to age well and I put them together to create ZEN+.

During my voyage of discovery I realised that the goal isn’t to stop or reverse ageing.

Ugh, ugh.

The goal is to Age Well, which doesn’t just mean extending your life. It means extending your good health too.

At 43 I’m stronger, fitter and healthier than I was at 23.

Yesterday I cranked out 10 chin-ups in a row – 3 years ago I couldn’t even do 1.

Gee this Z+D is getting long.

So I’ll wrap it up by saying this:

When it comes to living healthier for longer without pills, potions, gadgets or gizmo’s there’s nothing like ZEN+ available. Because there’s nothing out there that combines the tools I have to share with you.

So if you want to get started on a new way of life and avoid losing your pep and zest for life go here next.

Bye for now