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Gut health – How to get the best current understanding of it

By Marcus Santer

It’s hard to believe I’ll be sending the 24th issue of The ZEN+ Journal off to my printer in a few days.

Two years I’ve been writing it.

Plenty of times I’ve finished an issue and wondered what on earth I’m going to write about next?

But something always comes up.

The secret?

Filling up the tank – I’m always researching and reading.

And sometimes the Journal readers send me thought-provoking links to subjects of interest too.

That’s what happened this month.

I got a link to a video of Dr Emma Allen-Vercoe talking about the microbes living in your gut.

Fascinating stuff and it lead to an in-depth email exchange between me and Dr Emma on the subject of how to help our friendly gut bacteria to do their work – and it’s all based on the latest, no BS scientific understanding of what goes on.

And it’s important stuff to know because research has shown that upset to the microbial community living in your gut can be linked to a number of diseases:

More research is needed, and scientists like Dr. Emma are at the cutting edge of it. Which means you’re much better off listening to them than marketers with an agenda.

In fact the importance of scientist being able to communicate their study in ways lay-people can access was also discussed during our email exchange.

Bottom line?

The health of your gut is essential to your overall health and vitality. It’s something I wanted to include in the ZEN+ book, but I didn’t feel I understood the research enough to be comfortable including it.

Thanks to Dr Emma that’s changed.

As she would be the first to point out, there’s still a ton of research to be done on this subject, but if you want the inside scoop on the best current understanding of gut health, the role it plays and how you can help it…

You’ll want to read this months Journal.

In it’s 14 pages, you’ll discover:

  1. A better understanding of the microbes, bacteria and fungi living in and on your body
  2. The 3 things your microbes want
  3. The one improvement I’d make to the human body
  4. A visual display of the human microbiome – The various microbial communities that live in and on your body
  5. Current scientific thinking on how to sustain and protect your gut health
  6. Dr Emma’s view on probiotics – Probiotics are a multi-billion dollar industry but do you need them? Are they beneficial?
  7. Dr Emma’s views on candida and candida die off.
  8. Links to further research

And because it’s coming from a respected member of the scientific community all the information above is free from hype and BS. You’ll get just the facts, nothing but the facts.

And you know what?

I think this may be the best issue of the ZEN+ Journal yet, so it’s fitting that it should also coincide with the journals 2nd birthday.

Okay, if I haven’t convinced you of the value of this months Journal to helping you live and age well, I’m never going to. But if I have and you’re not already a subscriber, you’ll need to become one fast.

Because this issue goes to the printer next week,

So if you’re not a Journal reader yet…

You can go here to become one.

Bye for now


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