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Do folk still need reminding about this? Guess so…

By Marcus Santer

I heard the tail end of a news report on Radio 4 on Monday.

Something about antibiotics.

So I cranked up the Oracle and went looking to see what it was all about.

It didn’t take long for me to find this.

Antibiotic prescribing and patient satisfaction. From Kings College London.

And it can be summed up by this statement from Dr Mark Ashworth, GP:

“These finding suggest that practices that try to help prevent the spread of antibiotic- resistant bacteria by prescribing fewer antibiotics are likely to experience a drop in their satisfaction ratings.”

Surely it’s old news that antibiotics are useless against viral infections like:

And so on.

Antibiotics cannot treat viruses.

Digging further into the research it seems that a previous study by Public Health England discovered 51 percent of patients were inappropriately prescribed an antibiotic by their GP.

In another study it was found that:

But I guess that comes as no surprise if patients are demanding to have antibiotics prescribed or else they’re going to leave a crappy satisfaction rating.

However the truly scary thought here is that when diseases become resistant to antibiotics we don’t currently have an alternative to treat them.

I guess there’s still a lot of public education about antibiotics needed.

Plus this over-prescription of antibiotics is hurting the unique micro biome in your body.

What’s a micro biome you ask?

It’s the 1000’s of different bacterial species that live in and on you and play a crucial role in your health, vitality and longevity.

Antibiotics don’t just destroy the bacteria making you ill, they also destroy the good bacteria keeping you well.

And if you’re not even suffering from a bacterial infection and you take antibiotics…

It’s like you’re setting out to deliberately harm your good bacteria and weaken your health.

And that’s just crazy.

Now don’t get me twisted…

I’m not saying antibiotics are bad.

They’re awesome when it comes to treating infections caused by:

But they are not a cure all and they should only be taken when necessary.

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Bye for now


P.S. I do find it incredible that in 2014 – 44 percent of GP’s prescribed antibiotics simply to get a patient to leave the surgery.


Antibiotics really have got quite a reputation.

But they are useless against viral infections.

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