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Do certain things and certain things happen

By Marcus Santer

I like to contemplate.

The process of focusing my concentration on a particular subject.

And recently I’ve been contemplating: Do certain things and certain things happen.

Also known as cause and effect and Karma.

Here’s what I’ve come to believe…

There is an order at work in the universe.

And so on.

Science can observe and learn this order.

Yes there is free will too.

You can make many different choices as to what you do each and every day.

But you can’t escape cause and effect.

Certain lifestyle choices and activities will enhance and prolong your health and vitality. These are well known. And the reverse is true too. Certain choices and behaviours will harm your health and vitality.

These are well known too.

It’s all very simple.

Do certain things and certain things happen.

Not by magic, not by wishful thinking, not by some mystical woo-woo nonsense.

But by tried and tested, repeatable science.

Yes, science is always in flux and constantly being updated, but certain facts are as established as what time the sun will rise here in Dawlish in 100 years time.

Things like:

To barely scratch the surface.

This is what I believe and it’s what I share through the ZEN+ project.

If you think like me, you’re going to love the ZEN+ Home Study Course.

If you don’t, you won’t.

Bye for now


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