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Can you solve this farmers puzzle?

By Marcus Santer


Last night I treated myself to an episode of Death in Paradise, while Ollie read a chapter of Adrian Mole to Clarabella.

Think of Death in Paradise as one of my guilty pleasures.

How come?

Well, I love the formulaic ‘whodunit‘ type stories and most of all I love the shots of the beautiful Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe where it’s filmed.


In last night’s episode the detective introduced the river crossing puzzle involving…

The Farmer, The Fox, The Goose and The Beans.

If you haven’t heard it, it goes like this (from Wikipedia):

Once upon a time a farmer went to a market and purchased a fox, a goose, and a bag of beans.

On his way home, the farmer came to the bank of a river and rented a boat.

But in crossing the river by boat, the farmer could carry only himself and a single one of his purchases—the fox, the goose, or the bag of beans.

If left together, the fox would eat the goose, or the goose would eat the beans.

The farmer’s challenge was to carry himself and his purchases to the far bank of the river, leaving each purchase intact.

How did he do it?

I’ll give you a clue…

The farmer starts by taking the goose across the river first.

Any other action will result in the fox eating the goose or the goose eating the beans.

But what happens next?

I’ll leave you to work it out, though I’ll put the answer in the P.S. for you just in case you need it.

Give it a bit of thought now though before reading further… I’ll wait for you.

It’s quite a puzzle isn’t it?

And I’ll be honest, first time I heard it, I couldn’t work out it.

Here’s another puzzle it took me a long time to solve:

How to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in your favour.

And you know what?

Despite what “They” tell you – popular magazines, clueless celebrities and snake oil salesmen – the solution to that puzzle is quite simple.

It’s not glamorous…

… It’s not new…

And it sure ain’t popular.

But the research and studies I’ve read all suggest it’s true.

So what is the solution to living and ageing well?

It’s as simple as adopting the 7 habits of the longest living people on earth.

And I’ll be presenting them in full detail – along with all the evidence – in my new book:

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid

Read it and you’ll know exactly where your efforts are best spent – in order of importance and results gained – to live the healthier and longer life we all want.

It’s available December/January 2017.

But if you don’t want to wait until then I recommend you get started with the book that gave birth to The Healthy Ageing Pyramid.

You’ll find it here.

Bye for now


P.S. Okay, so here’s the solution to the Farmers puzzle:

  1. Take goose over
  2. Return
  3. Take fox or beans over
  4. Return with goose
  5. Take beans or fox over
  6. Return
  7. Take goose over

Simple when you know how isn’t it =)