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Are you guilty of sacrificing things which matter most for things which matter least?

By Marcus Santer


The Saturday quote:

“Things which matter most
must never be at the mercy
of things that matter least.”

And yet they frequently are…

… I first came across the 4 quadrants back in 2004 after reading Stephen R. Covey’s famous book:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

And this morning whilst finishing off my Qigong practice I realised why prevention is such a hard habit for the vast majority of folk to wrap their head around.

It’s because prevention falls squarely into Quadrant 2 and Q2 is where you want to focus your efforts…

… But few people do.

Let me explain…

The 4 Quadrants (from a ZEN+ perspective):

  1. Q1: Urgent and important – Health emergencies, family crisis
  2. Q2: Not urgent and important – Prevention, great sleep, social connections, good food, enough exercise, stress management
  3. Q3: Urgent and not important – Interruptions, most email, social media and phone calls
  4. Q4: Not Urgent and not important – Trivia, leisure activities, TV, surfing the net etc.

Smart folk (like my ZEN+ Journal readers) prioritise Q2 because they understand the best time to take care of your health and well-being is before it presents itself as a Q1 emergency.

They know Q2 activities help you to avoid Q1 emergencies.

Trouble is, with so much Q1 (Crises) and Q3 (Interruptions) in our busy modern lives…

… If something isn’t urgent it usually doesn’t get our attention.

Important or not.

And if you’re not careful you can end up feeling exhausted and when you finally get some ‘free-time’ it’s tempting to spend it in Q4 (Trivia).

Truth is it takes a conscious decision and a certain amount of determination to step into and operate from Q2 (Prevention)

It takes the courage to sometimes say ‘No’ to interruptions and trivia.

And it starts with understanding how important your good health is and accepting it matters most.

Especially if you want to live and age well.

To paraphrase today’s quote:

“Things which matter most (Q2)
must never be at the mercy of things
that matter least (Q3 and Q4)”

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid is all Q2.

It’s the result of 5 years studying the highest priority activities proven and tested to stack the odds of a longer and disease free life in your favour.

And I’m going to be presenting these activities in order of importance in the Healthy Ageing Pyramid book – coming January 2017.

But if you don’t want to wait until then…

You can get started with my ZEN+ Book: The Art and Science of Living and Ageing Well

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Bye for now