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A valuable lesson you can learn from boiling water…

By Marcus Santer

Here starteth the lesson:

“It takes a lot of energy to boil water,
but when you do get it to boil,
it takes less energy to keep it boiling.”
Jeff Willet

Here endeth the lesson.


You want a bit more?


This boiling water metaphor is like a lot of things in your life.

They take a lot of energy to get going, but once they get going… They take significantly less energy to keep going.

Things like:

And so on.


Thing is…

To continue with our original metaphor…

Whilst it takes a lot less energy to keep the water boiling, if you stop it will go cold again.

Same with those things you want to have in your life.

The truth is to create significant change means you’re gonna have to put in some effort.

And once you reach your goal, you’re going to have to keep putting effort in – but a lot less – to sustain it.

And anyone who tells you it’s going to easy…

Or that once you’ve got it you can stop…

Ain’t being straight with you.

And in Aprils ZEN+ Journal I’m going to share a psychological principle I recently came across that explains why it’s not your fault that creating significant change is so hard.

You don’t lack will power.

You’re not lazy.

You’re just wired up that way.

And I’ll reveal it all in this months Journal.

Along with a whole lot more information to help you live and age well.

You see, Aprils issue marks the 3rd Birthday of The Journal.

So it’s going to be a bumper edition.

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Jam packed with even more ways to help you stack the odds of a longer, healthier and stronger life in your favour.

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Bye for now


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For now.

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