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A smile from the heart travels 14,178 miles in 318 days

By Marcus Santer

A funny thing happened yesterday.

There I was researching the worlds best – and worst – diets for this months ZEN+ Journal when the postman arrived.

I heard the unmistakable thud of a book being delivered.

Curious to find out what it was, I downed tools and went to investigate.

I found a battered white D/1 sized Jiffy bag with my writing on the front and a big yellow sticker on the back.

Opening the bag I discovered a copy of my book Smiling From The Heart.

That I’d shipped out on the 1st September 2014!

From the address on the front I could see it had travelled from Dawlish to Vitacura in Chile.

A journey of 14,178 miles in 318 days.

And all for £7.45.

Curious as to why it had been returned I fired up Google translator and typed in:

“Se cambió (Le destinataire a déménagé)”

Which I’m pretty sure means the person I’d addressed it to had moved.

Fortunately I have Alicia’s address so the next thing I did was send her an email sharing the story I’ve just told you and asked for her to send me a new shipping address.

I also sent along a link to download the PDF of the book.

But there are two things I’m still dying to know:

  1. Why didn’t Alicia contact me and ask where her book was?
  2. From one of the stamps on the envelope I can see the book arrived in Vitacura on the 17th October 2014. So how come it took 9 months to get back to me?


Anyway, I don’t have time to ponder these mysteries.

I’ve got another issue of the ZEN+ Journal to complete.

This month the main focus is on:

The Worlds Best – and worst – Diets – Using research from documentaries, and studies like the Lancet’s Global Health 2015 report I’m going to share exactly what you can learn from observing what different people around the world eat and what makes for health promoting nutrition.

The results will shock and confuse you.

Like they did me.

To start with.

But don’t worry, I did more digging and I’ve made sense of it all for you.

And if I have the space I’m going into detail about the self experiment I started the day after my 40th birthday.

Along with my findings.

My plan is to reveal everything you need to know to make educated and informed choices about what you choose to feed your body.

Now if for some weird reason, you’re not already a ZEN+ Journal reader…

You can rectify that blunder ==> Here <== Bye for now Marcus P.S. I’m still running my special two month risk free offer.

Which means this is the worst that can happen:

Am I crazy?


I’m prepared to take this risk because I know the vast majority of ZEN+ Journal readers are happy to stick around for more than a couple of months.

In fact, since I started The Journal back in March 2013…

The average reader sticks around for 11 months.

Which in the health industry is a pretty remarkable achievement.

Guess The Journal must deliver great value huh?

So to find out if it can help you to live and age well…

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