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A message from on the road…

By Marcus Santer

Rugby: 06:00 Wednesday 10th September 2015

Tired today.

The thought of another 12 hour day of being overwhelmed and feeling totally out of my depth isn’t something I’m looking forward to.

And I’ve very kindly been invited around for tea tonight too.

So I’ve no idea when I’m going to get back to the relative comfort zone of my hotel room.

And I can feel my mind squirming inside.

So what do I do?

I write.

And I remind myself to stay in the now.

Now I’m sat in my hotel room and I can handle that.

Now I’m writing this and I can handle that.

I remind myself the best way for me to get through this day is one Now at a time.

Am I scared?

Am I wishing I was somewhere else right now?


But I know I can’t become world class without some discomfort, without going through a little fear, without taking the path that leads away from my comfort zone.

And Now I remember success – ‚Äčin whatever arena makes sense to you – comes to those few who do what the majority of folk won’t do.

Not can’t – won’t.

So I stand a little taller.

Take some deep mindful breaths.

Be grateful for this magnificent opportunity.

Dig deep…

And get going.

Bye for now


P.S. I write every day.

And whilst I was on the road this week, I kept writing.

I’m home again and I’m playing catch up.

The reason why I’ve shared this message from on the road is because I want you to understand the following:

If you haven’t got what you want in your life…

Whatever if might be that you want.

Then there’s a good chance it’s on the outside of your comfortable, known world.

And if you’re going to get it, you’re going to have to face a little fear, discomfort and overwhelm.

Here’s something that will help you on your own journey to what you want.