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5 Steps to feel great and look younger: Step 1

By Marcus Santer

It’s another 6am start here in Dawlish.

Lots to get done before I take Ollie to Torbay Hospital to have his cast taken off.

So to cut myself some slack for the next few days I’m going to look at 5 Steps you can take to feel great and look younger.

I’ll cover one step a day.

So no beating around the bush, let’s dive into…

Step 1 – Manage stress

Have you ever wondered why you can have two people the same age. Yet one of them looks 10 – 17 years older than the other?

Here’s why, it’s because there are two ways of measuring your age:

  1. Your chronological age – The time between when you were born and today.
  2. The biological age of your cells – Which are influenced by your lifestyle.

And when it comes to looking great and feeling younger, it’s your cellular age that tells the true story.

You can think of the cells in your body as microscopic factories. When they have proper amounts of oxygen they perform their own specialised functions and produce Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP.

It’s ATP that energises your body and energy is the essence of life.

I can sum this up for you by saying: Healthier cells = Younger, healthier you.

Trouble is, unmanaged stress is very harmful to the health of your cells.

In a study of caregivers, those that reported feeling the most stressed had an additional 10 to 17 years of cellular ageing. And a similar study was done on women with a perceived high level of stress and it found the same outcome.

So regardless of what’s actually happening in your life, if you feel under a lot of stress it will have a negative affect on your cellular ageing.

10 to 17 years.

A solution.

Your body has evolved to handle short term stress very well. It’s long term or chronic stress that messes your cells and other vital systems of your body up.

And when it comes to managing chronic stress, the most powerful, drug free, safe tool you can use is Qigong.

It’s the 7th Dan black belt undisputed champion of the stress management world.


Because it allows you to deliberately Turn Off your overstimulated Fight or flight mode and Turn On your underutilised Rest, repair and build mode.

It’s your Rest, repair and build mode that increases the amount of constructive (anabolic) hormones inside you:

If you’re experiencing chronic long term stress and you’re looking for a way to manage it more effectively PERFECT Qigong might just be the solution you’re looking for.

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