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4 Things I learned from watching TV last night…

By Marcus Santer

I think I ruined Clarabella’s enjoyment of the program we were watching last night:

The Truth about Sugar

Because I kept stopping and starting it.

So I could make notes.

I tell ya…

If it was someone else doing this, I think I’d get pretty fed up with it =)


I do it for you.

So I can share interesting and informative information you can use to stack the odds of longer, healthier and happier life in your favour.

And here’s 4 pearls of wisdom I got for you last night:

1) We’re hard wired to seek out energy dense food and to eat a lot of it when we find it.

Which was great when food was scarce.

But with high fat and high sugar foods – deliberately engineered to taste incredible – available pretty much every where and 24 hours a day.

Well, you can see how that might prove problematic…

2) More than 22g or sugar per 100g = High sugar food

Nothing wrong with that.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad food.

But there is such a thing as a bad diet.

So eat high sugar foods in moderation.

Because you’re sweet enough already =)

3) It’s all sugar

It’s all sugar baby, and therefore needs to be eaten in moderation.

4) Fruit Vs Fruit Juice

They did an interesting experiment.

They sat two people down at a table.

One of them had 12 peeled oranges in front of them.

The other had the juice of 12 oranges in front of them = 1 litre

The volunteers were then told to eat or drink as much as they wanted.

Until they’d had enough.

The results?

The lady with the oranges ate 1.5 oranges.

The lady with the orange juice drank 3/4’s of a litre.

So what you might be asking?

Well, 1.5 oranges = 3 tea spoons of sugar

But 3/4 litre of orange juice = 18 tea spoons of sugar.

And with the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommending an allowance of 6 tea spoons a day, well you do the maths.

​Can you see how easy it is to over consume sugar in fruit juice?

And the other point of interest in this simple experiment was this…

Oranges have fibre in them, but orange juice doesn’t.

And fibre does two important things:

  1. It helps to fill you up
  2. Slows down the release of the sugar you’ve eaten into your blood

Interesting huh?

Now don’t get me twisted…

I ain’t saying don’t drink fruit juice.

What I’m saying is beware there’s a lot of sugar in it and so drink it in moderation.

Moving on…

Now there’s a lot of scaremongery in the media around sugar.

So what’s the deal?

Well, too much sugar in your diet makes it easy for you to eat more calories than you need.

Which can lead to weight gain.

And there’s plenty of evidence to connect being overweight with:

So the take away lesson is this:

Sugar isn’t evil…
But you’re best to eat it in moderation

So that’s sugar taken care off.

Now for everything else you’d like to know about stacking the odds of a:

And more independent life in your favour…

You need this.

Bye for now