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You’re likely to live longer than your parents. But…

By Marcus Santer


Dr Jonas Salk was a hero.

He invented the first successful polio vaccine.

And thanks to his discovery and the pioneering work of those who came after him, complete eradication of polio is looking likely.

But what really makes Dr Salk stand out is he never patented his vaccine.

He never earned any money from his invention.

Instead of lawyering up he preferred to see it distributed and made available to people as quickly as possible.

Can I hear you say… ‘Cool!’

One good lesson to come out of polio is the discovery that lifting weights, could help many polio sufferers to make it back to health.

Which led me to the discoveries of Dr Vladimir Janda who worked to help rehabilitate those who’d caught it.

Long story short, he discovered, that when you’re injured or as you age:

And this got me really excited.

How come?

Because it means if you will build those muscles that get weaker with age and stretch those muscles that get tighter with age, you can stay strong and independent to the day you die.

And in March’s ZEN+ Journal I explained all of this in great detail.

It was preparation for what’s coming in April’s edition of the Journal.

And what’s that?

Well, to celebrate the 4th Birthday of the Journal, I’m going to put together a multi-level, practice in the privacy and comfort of your own home, Build These Stretch These exercise program.

It’s all part of my new project, which I’m calling:

Your Second Life

You see, 5 years of researching how to live and age successfully has taught me many things, but the big one is this:

There’s a very good chance you’re going to live longer than your parents.

Now at first glance, this might seem like great news.

But there’s a darker side that few people seem to be talking about.

Because when you shift your focus from ‘life expectancy’ to ‘health expectancy’ you discover in the UK [1]:

So what?

Well it means your average UK male can expect to live 15.6 years in not good health. And your average UK woman can expect to live 18 years in not good health.

Which sucks right?

And I covered this subject in great detail in the November 2016 issue of the ZEN+ Journal.

Now the factors which bare on your life and health expectancy are:

And of course, the one you have so much control over…

Your lifestyle choices.

Which I covered extensively in The HAP Book.

But what I didn’t cover was the Build These Stretch These program which forms such an important part of the “Your Second Life” project.

Until now.

My objective is to make it the only exercise program you’ll ever need so as to master Habit #5 of The HAP: Move More and Build Strength.

There’ll be videos, pictures and all the instructions you need to make it as simple to get to grips with as possible.

And I’m going to organise it in such a way that you can use it whether you haven’t done any organised exercise since you left school, or you work out three times a week or you’re somewhere in-between the two.

It all starts in the 4th Birthday Bumper edition of next month’s ZEN+ Journal.

Which makes it the perfect jumping on point.

And you’re invited to join me and the other suave and sophisticated readers as we dive into the: “Your Second Life” project.

To find out how to become a Journal reader and take advantage of my better than risk free two month test-drive.

Go here next.

And if you used to be a Journal reader and wish to re-join I have a very special offer for you.

Write to me at this address:

And I’ll tell you all about it.

Bye for now


P.S. The statistics agree, in the last 25 years life expectancy has increased for virtually every country in the world.

Apart from those affected by war or disease.

Which is great news.

But the bad news is, it means more people are living longer in ‘not good health’

Which is a nice way of saying they have a limiting long term illness or disability.

Whilst there are certain factors which bare on your life and health expectancy which you can’t do much about, there are others, which you can.

Like Habit #5 of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid: Move More and Build Strength.

And in April’s edition of The ZEN+ Journal I’m going to share with you the only exercise program you need to master this habit and improve your odds of enjoying your extra years in good health.

But I’m only sharing this information with my Journal readers.

You can join us, and benefit from my ‘better than risk free’ two month test-drive, by clicking here.

[1] Health expectancies at birth and at age 65 in the UK, based on 2011 Census health and disability prevalence data: 2010 to 2012

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