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Your path for Cosmic Shower mastery

The Cosmic Shower Online Coaching Class will take place over 4 weeks.

From 1st February to the 28th.

And each week will focus on a particular step.

With each step building upon the one before it.

By week 4 each student will have a clear understanding of the Cosmic Shower technique.

Because the truth is…

It’s very unlikely you’ll gain the skill of Cosmic Shower in 28 days.

The technique? Definitely.

The skill? Unlikely.

How come?

Because skills take time and practice to develop.

But if my students continue to practice the material I’ll share with them during this 4 week class…

I’m confident they’ll gain the skill.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

They’re all different.

And this isn’t a race.

So here – for the curious – is a skeleton outline of what I plan to cover each week during February.

But I should make it clear this is a flexible path.

Because it will change and adapt to the needs of the students as we work together through the month.

You see, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from a decade plus of teaching skills focused Qigong it’s this:

What I plan to teach
and what the student needs to learn
aren’t always the same thing.

So based on what feedback I get my proposed path for Cosmic Shower mastery may change.

But here’s how it stands at the moment:

Week 1 – Putting the Foundations in Place

Week 2 – Building on Week 1:

Week 3

Week 4


So that’s my rough outline.

And I’ll fine tune it along the way to meet the needs and requirements of the students in the class.

Of course each student will also receive plenty of opportunity to ask me their questions and further develop their understanding of this advanced Qigong technique.

I’ll also be sharing useful insights and daily inspiration through the use of a private ‘students only’ Facebook group.


There ain’t nothing like this available out there.

And I’m excited just writing about it.

I’ve so much to share and I can’t wait to get started.

Okay, I’m outta here.

I need to start recording the teaching material for Week 1.

You on the other hand need to find out if you’re qualified to join February’s Cosmic Shower Online Coaching Class.

If you are you can reserve one of the remaining few slots here.

Bye for now


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