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Your mission for today…

By Marcus Santer

perfect this day

The Saturday Quote… is coming.

Let me explain.

Clarabella is up in Nottingham celebrating her mums 70th birthday =)

And I just got this text from her.

And I’m going to share it with you as the Saturday Quote.

Okay, here it is:

“Your mission should you choose to accept it is to perfect just this one single day. To get as much out of it as you can and to put the most into it that you can.”

I don’t know about you but…

Mission Accepted!

So what have you got scheduled for your day?

How are you going to put as much of yourself into it as you can and how can you get as much out of it?

Perhaps a sense of a job well done?

A feeling of satisfaction knowing you made someone else’s day?

The joy of putting a smile on another persons face?

The relief of finally doing that thing you’ve been putting off for ages?

Or maybe you’ll take a leaf out of Lou Reed’s book and “feed animals in the zoo then later a movie too” =)

I’ll leave you to it.

Just know that throughout this day, you and I will be faced with a number of choices.

Forks in the road so to speak.

One way will be to do what we’ve always done, to coast, to take it easy…

…The other will be to go above and beyond, to perfect this day.

I wish us both luck in choosing the path less trodden and perfecting this day =)

Right, Louis needs his walk and then I need to get Aprils double-sized, 4th birthday edition of The Journal edited and ready to go to the printer tomorrow so I can post it out on Monday.

It’s already weighing in with:

And it’s still not done.

I tell ya, this thing ain’t going down without a fight!

So in-between dog walks and making sure Ollie is fed, you’ll find me chained to this computer going above and beyond to perfect this issue of The Journal for you.

My aim is to make it the best one yet.

You can make sure you get your copy of it here.

Bye for now


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