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Your invitation to meet me at Church Farm

By Marcus Santer

I was never taught how to teach Qigong.

I was simply given permission to teach and then left to sink or swim.

I still tremble when I reflect back over my early years of teaching. We’re talking tough times filled with lots of hairy moments and sweaty palms.

We’re talking about a learning curve so steep I needed an oxygen mask.

I still laugh when I think back to the first Shaolin Kung Fu class I taught.

I’d heard that school teachers create lesson plans to help guide their teaching, seemed like a brilliant idea to me, so I created my own.


In the first lesson I planned for my students to become confident with:

  1. Horse Riding stance
  2. Bow Arrow stance
  3. False Leg stance
  4. Unicorn stance

And I was going to teach them how to move in those stances.


If there was any time left in the 90 minute lesson I also wanted them to practice Combat Sequence 1.

Well, you can probably guess what happened.

I only managed to scratch the surface, my lesson plan for session 1 kept us going for nearly 2 months LOL.

Over the years I’ve been teaching I’ve discovered what my major failing is.

It’s forgetting how long it took me to learn stuff and then thinking others will pick it up in double quick time.

It’s a bit like expecting you to drink from a fire hose =)

And I really want to avoid doing that with ZEN+ workshops. So I’m wondering if you could help me out?

I’d like to invite you to attend a weekend workshop unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Let me explain…

I have a ton of valuable ZEN+ material I want to teach. And I’ve a pretty good idea about what bits of it I need to go through with you face-to-face and which bits would work best as handouts.

But I’m probably wrong.

So I thought it would be fun to find a peaceful, tranquil location in the countryside were you, me and anyone else adventurous enough could get together and spend the weekend working out what really makes a great ZEN+ workshop.

With your help I’ll be able to practice, to test out the materials I’ve got and get your feedback on whether it’s good to go or whether it needs more fine tuning.

I’m looking on this as a test-drive, a practice run and I’m planning to have a lot of fun with it.

And you’re invited.

Here are the details:

Other useful information:


Camping is available at the farm so feel free to bring your tent. They also have some cabins available to hire too. Details here.


Everything you could want to know about what’s available at the farm is right here.


Look, this isn’t going to be a polished and slick presentation – that comes later, with your help.

It’s a practice run.

It also isn’t going to be the kind of event where the teacher walks on water, heals the sick and performs miracles. All the while projecting an air of: “I’m better than you.” That’s not how I teach.

I tried it and I didn’t like it.

Truth is you’re going to get me, warts and all.

Now listen closely…

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of ZEN+ workshops and help me mould them into something great… In years to come, you’ll be able to impress your grandchildren with tales of how you were there at the start of this historical event.

I’m kidding of course.

But I’m not kidding when I say the next ZEN+ Workshop I teach won’t be £50 – try sticking a nought on the end.

So if all of this sounds like something you’d enjoy…


Bye for now


P.S. I can guarantee you this weekend will be unlike any other workshop you’ve ever been to.

Together, you, me and a small group of super cool folk, will work together to thrash out how to make a great ZEN+ workshop for future ZEN Beasts.

Because this is a practice run, I’m not certain how it’s all going to play out.

But I’m confident you and I will have some fun and some laughs as we work on it.

If all that sounds good and you fancy getting out and spending a weekend in the countryside…


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