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Your brain is incredible, but…

By Marcus Santer


Here’s my favourite quote of the week:

“You’ve got to understand that this brain inside our heads is a 2 million year old brain, and this 2 million year old brain was not designed to make you happy, it was designed to make you survive. And it’s ancient old survival software that is running you a good deal of the time.”
Tony Robbins

Make no mistake about it, your brain is incredible.

But it does have a few outdated programs running inside it.

Things like:

It mistakes traffic jams, presentations and challenging folk as life and death situations and keeps you in a perpetual state of fight or flight.

It mistakes highly processed junk food as energy dense survival nutrition and encourages you to gorge on it.

It mistakes a sedentary lifestyle as being a wonderful way to help you avoid wasting precious energy and persuades you to move less.

Now your 2 million year old brain has done an incredible job of helping you get to the 21st century.

But the challenges you now face on a daily basis are brand new in evolutionary terms.

And your brain is struggling to help you thrive in this new environment.

Fortunately you can educate yourself and override your brains less than helpful software.

And it really is very simple when you know how.

Because as I’m very fond of saying…

There are no secrets to stacking the odds of a longer, stronger and more independent life in your favour.

And you’ll find 120 – evidence based – tips to help you live well and age better…

Right here.

Bye for now


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