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You must understand this…

By Marcus Santer

The Sunday Quote:

“When I eat something I say: What is it doing for me? My energy, my vitality, my sex life, my hair, my skin – What’s it doing for Jack Lalanne? You don’t have to be a nut about this. People can have a little drink or some ice cream once in a while – It isn’t what you do once in a while, it’s what you do all the time.”
Jack Lalanne – Honorary ZEN Beast

My hero Jack might be talking about food in his quote, but this line:

It isn’t what you do once in a while,
it’s what you do all the time

Applies to anything.

A simpler way of communicating this concept is:

You reap what you sow.

If you’re not happy with the harvest you’re collecting – in any area of your life – you’d be wise to start by looking at what seeds you’ve been planting.

For example:

I didn’t rack up £15,000 of credit card and loan debt overnight.

It took a lot of planting the wrong seed.

And it’s taken me 5 years of planting the right seed to pay it off (I’ll be free of this debt in June). I’ve had to change what I do and my results financially show it.

Here’s another example:

When I was 40 and could no longer deny the weak, skinny fat guy staring back at me in the mirror I had to change what I was eating, drinking and doing physically.

And 4 years later I’m stronger, fitter and healthier than I was in my 30’s.

I’m not sharing these examples to brag, I’m sharing them so you can see that change takes time and it takes persistence.

But it can be done.

And you can do it.

As long as you know what to do.

And I’ve got 120 “what’s” all lined up and ready for you here:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Bye for now


P.S. For many people, today is better known as Chocolate Easter Egg day.

I too shall be enjoying an Easter Egg or two today.

But tomorrow I’m back on track like a little green bag – because it’s not what you do once in a while that makes or breaks you…

Ugh, ugh.

You are the result of what you do most of the time.

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