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“You don’t mention Qigong so much anymore…”

By Marcus Santer

Practicing Qigong in the garden

I got a lovely letter in the post the other day.

A real, hold in your hand, sit down with a cup of tea and read it letter.

Remember those?

It was from one of my senior Qigong students in Norway.

In the letter she wrote:

“You don’t mention Qigong so much in your blogposts anymore.
Do you still stick to your daily practice?”


The quick and easy answer to this question is yes.

But it’s a valid point.

I don’t mention Qigong so much in my blog posts anymore.


Don’t’ I love it anymore?

Don’t I practice it anymore?

No, I still love it, I still practice it and I still teach it.

Here’s why I don’t mention it so much anymore on this blog…

You see, back in 2003 (when I first started teaching Qigong) I believed it was the only thing you needed to stay young.

But turning 40 and looking at the evidence I was forced to accept that Qigong is only one habit of a healthy ageing system. Because my research convinced me there are other activities you can engage in, that will give you more benefits for the time and effort you invest in them.

You’ll find the other 6 habits (in order of importance) in the Healthy Ageing Pyramid

So what’s the essential role Qigong plays in staying young your whole life?

It’s in the drug free, effective management of:

In my opinion when it comes to the list above, Qigong is without equal.

And I consider it a vital tool for enhancing what I call your Emotional Immune System.

Moving on, let’s have some more Qigong…

I got an email from one of my most dedicated students in beautiful Nicaragua last week.

Hugo asked a question about the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC):

“The pace suggested – learn a new form per week – is quite demanding because in some forms I feel more time is needed mastering a little bit the previous one.
When I finish the 22 week cycle, what do you recommend?”

And here was my reply:

Dear Hugo,

You’re right.

Learning a new form each week is a demanding pace to follow.

Most people take longer than 22 weeks to complete the QSHSC.

And that’s fine.

Because for as long as I’m alive and able to maintain the website, you’ll have access to the material.

This week I had a student go back and start it again after having first gone through it in 2011 =)

There is no rush.

And once you’ve finished the 22 weeks what do I suggest?

I suggest you choose two or three of the 19 forms covered and focus on them.

Make them the core of your practice.

How you do this is your choice.

You might practice one form for a week, then another.

Or you may practice one form one day and another form on another.

And every now and then you may decide to practice one of the other 19 forms covered in the course, just to stay familiar with them.

It doesn’t matter.

Always remember…

When it comes to Qigong it’s your skills that are important.

Once you’ve completed the 22 week cycle, the aim is to develop your skills by…




Oh, and remember to keep asking questions too.

I’m here to help.

Before I finish, here’s something not many people are aware of…

I know well over 100 Qigong forms.

And yet I practice only 2 of them regularly.


Because I love them, they give me the best benefits and I know them so well I can focus on improving my own Qigong skills.

You never stop improving Hugo.

Keep up the good work and remember…

Enjoy your practice.

Bye for now


If you haven’t taken the 22 week Qigong Secrets Home Study Course yet…

You can take a 2-week taster here for just $4.95.

Go on, take it for ride, what’s the worst that could happen?

Bye for now


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