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You can’t force yourself into a good nights sleep, but…

By Marcus Santer

The Sunday Quote:

“I really appreciate having all the information, tips and techniques in one place and will probably keep re-visiting this booklet quite often so that I don’t slip back into old habits.

I had forgotten just how much ground we had covered in one month.

The thing is, at the end of the day(!), we can’t force ourselves into a good night’s sleep. But, armed with reliable information and techniques, we can use skilful means to give ourselves the best chance of getting the rest we need for our bodies and minds to repair and be refreshed.”
Anne Mears – Original Fantastic Sleep Pioneer

As a teacher, if there’s one thing I’m constantly battling to find a solution to it’s how to get people to use what I teach them.

In person, or 1-2-1, this is pretty easy.

But selling information products on-line makes it much harder.

The part I like from the lovely email Anne sent me about The Sleep Solution is this:

“Armed with reliable information and techniques, we can use…”

It’s the use part.

Because if you don’t use what you learn you’re not going to get the results you want. And for me, teaching is all about giving those I teach the results they want.

And the lesson of The 28-Day Sleep Solution Program is to teach you how to get fantastic sleep.

Within it’s 52 pages of information you’ll discover 43 tips and techniques you can use to have fantastic sleep.

Here they are:

  1. The 3 vital lessons learned from 28 days of the Sleep Solution (Page 02)
  2. How to use the Sleep Solution program to get best results (Page 02)
  3. The Sleep Pledge – Creating and sticking to a sleep routine (Day 01)
  4. The 30 MWO – Allowing yourself the flexibility of the 30 Minute Weekend Option (Day 06)
  5. The Goldilocks approach to sticking to your Sleep Pledge (Day 21)
  6. Why you must re-frame how you view sleep (Page 05)
  7. Clock-watching and how to beat it (Day 05)
  8. The importance of sleeping in the dark (Day 03)
  9. A simple technique to amplify the effects of progressive relaxation (Page 14)
  10. Effects of exercise on sleep (Day 13)
  11. Why you need to ban electronic gadgets from your bedroom and 30 minutes before sleep (Page 10)
  12. How being committed to Progress and not Perfection makes it easier for you to succeed (Page 10)
  13. The benefits of taking a nap (Day 16)
  14. The amount of sleep you need (Page 04)
  15. The problems associated with sleep deprivation (Day 11)
  16. The different stages of sleep and what they mean (Day 10)
  17. Your bodies internal clocks and how to harmonise them (Page 19)
  18. Using Lavender to help you relax and improve your sleep (Day 20)
  19. The value of Emptying your Tank (Day 19)
  20. Why you might need to experiment with your caffeine consumption (Page 32)
  21. Three ways to get to sleep when sleep proves hard to find:
  22. The Mind Dump (Day 09)
  23. The simple path to sleep (Page 22)
  24. The 5 by 4 Be Here Now tool (Page 22)
  25. How those closest to you can benefit from your good sleep habits (Page 46)
  26. Why a lack of sleep can be linked to depression (Page 35)
  27. The value of making right lifestyle choices (Page 37)
  28. Where to find the best sleep equipment (Page 40)
  29. The Sleep Pledge Chart (Page 44)
  30. Comments, Questions and Answers. Including:
  31. The dangers of laying in
  32. Do you need less sleep as you get older?
  33. How good habits benefit those around you
  34. How to overcome activities that pull you off course
  35. The question you need to ask yourself on a regular basis
  36. Does going to bed earlier result in better quality sleep?
  37. Why you should experiment with your sleep
  38. Knock on effects of creating a good sleep habit
  39. Dealing with disruptions
  40. What to do if sticking to The Pledge is too hard for you
  41. Everything you ever wanted to know about naps
  42. The truth about habits no one else will tell you: Mind The Gap!
  43. A list of other products you might find beneficial to a happier, healthier and longer life.

This time tomorrow you’ll be able to purchase the 28-Day Sleep Solution Program for £40 – that’s UK pound sterling, not Euro’s or Dollars.

But as a ZEN+ Daily reader you get 50% off for the first 48 hours.

So if you don’t dilly-dally you can get it for £20.

My way of saying thank you for your interest in my work.

Now as long as you’re not suffering from an undiagnosed sleep disorder, it will teach you how to get all the benefits of fantastic sleep.

But only if you use it.

Bye for now


P.S. I’ve received a number of requests from Z+D readers asking to join the original Fantastic Sleep February Facebook page.

Sorry, that group is closed to new members.

Though I may run another one in the future.

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