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Why you shouldn’t play chess with pigeons…

By Marcus Santer

My favourite quote of the week:

“Don’t play chess with pigeons – No matter how good you are, they’re just going to strut around like they won anyway and then sh*t on the board.”
Todd Fischer Sr

Todd Fischer is one of my favourite knife makers in the world.

And the world of knife making is full of people with strong opinions on pretty much everything really.

Todd’s quote reminds us of an important lesson:

“Don’t wrestle with pigs… The pig loves it and you end up covered in dirt.”

It’s a lesson from my book Smiling From The Heart (page 90) which is all about helping you thrive in the 21st Century in spite of what life may throw at you.

Right short and sweet today.

Ollie’s six week school holidays have officially begun and I’ve got to get August’s ZEN+ Journal finished before I start letting him distract me =)

I’m still in the process of writing it, but I can confirm what’s in it so far:

  1. How Clarabella accidentally leaving her phone at home led me to researching something we take for granted.
  2. Three studies that suggest this ‘something we take for granted‘ can help to grow new brain cells in the hippocampus (the part of your brain linked to the forming of memory), can help you to think about profound things in a new way and relax you more effectively than listening to relaxing music
  3. Discover the country that uses this ‘something we take for granted‘ as a major part of their advertising campaign to encourage people to visit.
  4. We go deep into Habit #5 of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid: Progressively move more and build strength
  5. What happens to your muscles and vital life support systems as you age
  6. The most significant cause of loss of independence in older adults
  7. Statistics on the very real dangers associated with falling
  8. How to slow age related muscle loss down
  9. Three studies that prove the benefit of exercise and show you it’s never to late to get started
  10. Four specific reasons why you want to et stronger
  11. The two tests that will help you work out where you’re starting from when it comes to exercise
  12. The three kinds of exercise your body has evolved to thrive on
  13. What’s the minimum effective dosage of exercise? I guarantee the answer will surprise you.

And more…

Because like I said, I’m still writing it.

And of course it’s all backed up by studies you can check yourself to make certain I’m not making any of this stuff up.

Okay, I’m outta here.

You on the other hand should decide whether it’s time you became a ZEN+ Journal reader or not?

Yes – Go here next

No – Here’s an amusing picture I made for you:


Maybe – What’s the worst that can happen?

Bye for now


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