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Why thinking about Dan John in the shower could save your life…

By Marcus Santer

So I’m back from a weekend of growth in Chelmsford.

Yesterday as I was sat in the train coming home, I had the idea for this post.

It’s full title was:

How Dan John travelled into the future
and saved 60+ year old Marcus from a terrible death

But it seemed a bit wordy, you know what I mean?


Let me explain what this is all about.

I was in my hotel room shower early Sunday morning thinking about Dan John and the material he’d shared with us so far during the Art of Coaching 2.0 workshop.

Up until that day, I’d always viewed getting out of the shower as an exercise in balance.

You know…

Stand on one leg whilst drying the foot of the other, before stepping out of the bath and onto the bathmat.

But not this day.

Today I remembered Dan had told us how in your 60’s the figures show you’re more likely to die from falling than from cancer.

And shower falls are common.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m all about stacking the odds of a long, healthy and happy life in my favour. Which means I like to remove unnecessary risks off the table when I can.

So on Sunday I didn’t bother wobbling around on one foot getting dried.

I simply followed Dan’s advice:

And then stepped out of the bath.

From an accident prevention point of view the difference was night and day.

And if you don’t get out the shower this way, you should try it.

As Dan later said when I told him I’d followed his advice: “Practicing balance is great, but it’s probably best to do it in an environment that ain’t gonna kill ya.”


I’m convinced this new prevention habit has saved the future Marcus from a nasty fall and possible death.

That’s the power of prevention.

Yeah, it’s not sexy, yeah it’s not cool, but neither are falls my friend.

And there’s a reason why developing a prevention mindset is the most important habit of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid.

Because a gram of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

And if you really want to take this shower habit to the next level, Dan suggests you do a single push up before getting in the shower.


Because getting down on the floor, doing the push up and getting back up again will switch you on.

Helpful if you’re feeling a little sluggish in the morning.

Now then…

I hope you’ve found this tip useful, and if you’ll think about Dan John next time you’re in the shower, it might just save your life.


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Bye for now


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