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Why owning a dog isn’t for sissies…

By Marcus Santer

There’s been a lot of news reports recently about depressed dogs.

It’s all to do with the weather.

And I get it.

Louis walks have become a real PITA.


Because it’s so wet, dank and dirty here in the UK.

And Louis being a Labrador loves to get stuck in.

If there’s dirt he’ll get covered in it.

If there’s a puddle he’ll find it.

And nobody knows what he gets up to in the bushes.

And so he ends up wet, dank and dirty too.

Now he’d think nothing about coming straight into the house after a wet, dank and dirty walk.

But I prefer to clean him up first.

And it’s hard to beat the joy you get from cleaning a dirty Labrador, with a bucket of cold water whilst it’s still raining.

Yup, in case you missed it that last sentence was dripping with sarcasm.

And then you’ve got to dry him.

So I get it.

Taking a dog out for several walks a day when the weather’s like this.

It’s a D — R — A — G!

No two ways about it.

But Louis needs his walks.

He’s a Labrador, he’s a working dog designed to get out there, sniff other dogs butts, poop in the woods and lick strange things off the floor.

And if he don’t get his walks…

He ain’t happy.

He needs his walks and so do I.

I’ve written exhaustively about the benefits of walking and thanks to Louis I get mine.

Because there are days when if it wasn’t for taking Louis out, there’s no way I’d go out in the wind and the rain on my own.

Ugh, ugh.

Not to mention all the awesome ideas I get whilst walking with Louis – even when the rain is coming down sideways.

Take last Sunday for example.

I was presented with a problem due to the weather.

The solution to which has not only been of benefit to my Cosmic Shower Coaching Class (CSCC) students…

But to Clarabella too.

And I’m going to share it as a small part of this months ZEN+ Journal.

It’s a simple, direct and powerful tool for helping you to develop and improve any desirable skill you want.

I’m also going to share an incredibly easy exercise to help you overcome and prevent the damage caused by too much sitting.

But all this good stuff (and more) is only for ZEN+ Journal readers.

To join us…

To get my ethical bribe worth £65…

To benefit from my better than risk free guarantee…

You better go here now.

Right time for Louis morning walk and as I look out of the window its currently not raining!

Woo-hoo =)

P.S. Yeah, the weather sucks right now here in the UK.

Yeah, your dog’s gonna get wet and dirty and so are you.

Yeah, you’re gonna have to give them a bucket bath…

Yeah, you’re gonna have to dry them…

And yeah, it is a drag.

But your dog gives you:

And puts up with all your ups and downs

So if you don’t have the stones to get up and get out with your dog…

Whatever the weather.

Get a cat because owning a dog isn’t for sissies!

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