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Why My Heart Got Broken Yesterday

By Marcus Santer

I took Ollie to the fracture clinic at Torbay Hospital yesterday.

He’d got an appointment to have a cast put on his lower leg. Not because he’d broken it, but because his physiotherapist wants to try serial casting with him.


Let me explain.

When you walk, it’s very important that your heel strikes the floor first. If it doesn’t it throws the way you walk all out of balance. And when the way you walk is out of balance it throws the rest of your body out of balance as it attempts to compensate.

The result is weakness, pain and damage to the body.

All things you want to avoid.

Now Ollie usually wears a splint on his right leg to keep his ankle at a 90 degree angle, so that when he walks his heel strikes the floor first.

But he’s had a bit of a growth spurt recently.

As 12 year olds tend to.

Which means it’s becoming harder and harder for me to get that 90 degree stretch in his ankle before I put his splint on. Surgery on his Achilles tendon can solve the problem, but serial casting is a simpler and less drastic first step.

Now, I’ve visited quite a few hospitals over the years with Ollie.

And they’re always busy.

Yesterday I found myself wondering again just how many of the people here were here as a result of making poor lifestyle choices?

Eventually I found somewhere to park.

And entering the Fracture Clinic with Ollie and taking a look around me I noticed the waiting room was filled with two types of people.

  1. Young folk who’d clearly broken something due to an accident
  2. Elderly folk who’d broken something due to a trip or a fall.

Now as I discovered a few weeks back whilst knife making, accidents happen. Other than paying attention and avoiding doing stupid things there’s not much you can do about accidents.

They’re a fact of life.

But looking at the older folk in the clinic it reminded me of the post I wrote a few weeks back:

How to avoid losing 50 percent of your muscle mass as you age.

Because studies have shown that strength training can reduce the risk of falls.

And as you get older the fear and consequences of falling are so powerful it makes older folk want to move less. And the less you move the weaker your muscles get and the greater your risk of falling.

A very vicious circle.

Standing there in the Fracture Clinic witnessing first hand the results of such falls and seeing older folk sat in their wheelchairs waiting for their appointments broke my heart.

My heart gets broken a lot when I go to hospitals.

They always leave me feeling good for nothing for the rest of the day. Then the next day I wake up with a renewed steely determination to my own ZEN+ practice and to persuading others to adopt a ZEN+ Lifestyle too.

And then it was Ollie’s turn to be seen.

As we walked down the corridor into the room Ollie whispered to me: “I’ve got butterflies in my tummy dad.”

I’d have given anything to have butterflies in my tummy.

Because I had bad tempered, stampeding elephants ripping my guts apart. But I put my hand on his shoulder and whispered back: “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.”

10 minutes later we were done. You can see his cast here:ollies-cast

And not for the first time did I find myself feeling grateful for the National Health Service we have here in the UK.

So let’s see how we get on with this serial casting.

Fingers crossed it avoids the need for surgery.

Bye for now


P.S. As a result of having my heart broken from yesterday’s visit to the hospital I didn’t make any progress on the ZEN+ Home Study Course.

But today…

Today I’m back in the driving seat.

More determined than ever to get this information into your hands ASAP.

And because I feel so fired up today, I’m going to break from my typical English reserve and beg you to adopt a ZEN+ lifestyle.

All the information I share is backed by solid research proven to stack the odds of living a happier, healthier and longer life in your favour.

It’s never to late to get started.

And hopefully it’ll keep your hospital visits down to a minimum.

If you haven’t got the ZEN+ book yet…

It’s available here.

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