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Why is Qigong still as popular as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip?

By Marcus Santer


My favourite quote from a week of surfing the net:

“…the key to sustainable composure from meditation was rigorous discipline and practice, every day, whether you felt like it or not, whether it felt as if it were working or not. …it is the routine that gradually creates a space that lets your life breathe.”
Andrew Sullivan

You know, if you change the word meditation in the quote above to Qigong, you get the ingredients required for success with your practice:

  1. Discipline – Do your practice whether you feel like it or not
  2. Practice – Every day because repetition is the mother of skill
  3. Faith – That your actions will bare fruit even when you can’t see it

And I’m guessing it’s these three qualities that make Qigong so unpopular.

In a world that wants instant results, with the minimum amount of effort and commitment, Qigong – real Qigong – must seem very undesirable.

And yet…

And yet – in my opinion – it is the perfect antidote for the stresses and strains so many of us face on a daily basis in the 21st Century.

Now the benefits of meditation are well documented, tried, tested and repeatable.

But I believe Qigong – practiced correctly with discipline and faith – can give you all the benefits of meditation without all the ‘sitting around’.

I like to joke about the: ‘without all the sitting around’ part.

It makes me smile.

Why? You ask.

Because the last thing most people need – as a result of lives focused on sitting down – is a practice that encourages them to sit down.

Qigong is what I like to call ‘Moving Meditation’.

So not only do you get the benefits of meditation:

And so on, but you also get to move your body too which is a good thing.

I guess another barrier folk face with Qigong is the amount of mystical mumbo jumbo the vast majority of it is buried under.

Hey, different strokes for different folks, but I think all the crazy talk and ridiculous claims puts a lot people off.

I think people want to know what Qigong has to offer them and want to be able to get started as quickly as possible without having to take on board a pile of beliefs that make them uncomfortable.

And it’s why I originally created the PERFECT Qigong System.

No fluff…

… No filler…

Just everything you need to get started with the practice of authentic Qigong without all the baggage.

You get an 80 page book and a DVD with over 40 minutes of clear, step-by-step video tuition on it.

And you also get access to useful tools and other bonuses such as:

In a nutshell…

What I’ve done is taken over 20 years of finding out what works and what doesn’t work with Qigong, stripped it down to the essential basics and turned it into the PERFECT Qigong System (PQS)

It’s not available in stores, it’s not available on eBay or Amazon.

You can only get it here.

Hey, I’ll even cover the cost of postage for you.

Have a great weekend.

Bye for now


P.S. To find out how you can get my PERFECT Qigong System for free click here.

P.P.S. Of all the testimonials I’ve received on how useful the PQ System is, this one from Thomas J. Couch (a retired pilot) has to be my all time favourite:

“Marcus has done an outstanding job of adapting ancient Qigong methods
to the teaching of 21st century westerners.”

Thanks Thomas =)

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