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Why I’m dreading the next 6 weeks…

By Marcus Santer

It’s that time of the year again…

Yup, the dreaded ‘6-week school holidays’.

And why am I dreading it?

Because I work from home and at 13:30 today one of my favourite people and biggest distractions is out of school for 6 weeks. Which means focusing on my work and getting things done is going to require a level of planning and discipline I don’t particularly enjoy.

Otherwise nothing’s going to get done on time.

That includes Augusts issue of the Healthy Aging Digest…

Current topics include:

I’m also building the new 7 Day Stay Young Bootcamp program I’m planning to release in September.

And then of course there’s my Healthy Aging Pyramid coaching work and replying to questions from my other clients and Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC) students.

In fact I got a question the other day from one of my treasured QSHSC students and at the end he wrote:

“I am learning to switch my mind off, but occasional thoughts such as asking you about the moving feet do sometimes intrude!”

I had to chuckle to myself.

Because my practice was regularly disrupted by questions I needed to ask my teacher. Yet by the end of my practice, I’d usually forgotten them…

Until I did my practice again LOL.

Though to be fair, my teacher lived 7,000 miles away, travelled for 9 months of the year teaching and was as hard to make contact with as a 140mph serve by Roger Federer at Wimbledon.

So I’d regularly have to wait weeks for a reply.

Fortunately my QSHSC don’t have to wait anywhere near as long.

They get a ‘students only’ email address to send their questions to and they get a reply within 48 hours, though it can take a little longer if your question comes through at the weekend as I’m trying to reduce my computer time on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Before I go, let me tell you about the email I got last week from a student who started the QSHSC on 22nd March 2011 and wanted to know:

“Would you pleases research this purchase for me and see if it is still available to me…as now I would really love to delve into it. Thanks so much!”

I dived into the database and had her new log in details set up and ready to go by the time I’d clicked ‘send’ on my reply email.

You see, that’s another benefit you get as a QSHSC student.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete it, because as long as I’m around to pay the rent and keep the QSHSC online, you’ll always have access to it.

Even if it’s been over 6 years =)

Right, I best get going.

Lots to get done before 13:30.

You on the other hand can visit the QSHSC home page.

It’s right here.

Bye for now


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