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Why I ended up sleeping on the sofa last night

By Marcus Santer


So this is what a bad nights sleep feels like.

A mixture of being hung over and having lost quite a few IQ points.

Thanks to The Sleep Solution crappy sleep has become a distant memory for me.

Until this morning.

Let me explain…

I was in bed just before 10:30 last night <== My sleep pledge time.

But at midnight I was awoken by Clarabella pacing the room.

Looking at my Casio G-Shock I was surprised to see it was midnight, because it felt more like 3 or 4 am.

Clearly I’d been deeply asleep.

But Clarabella’s unusual behaviour had forced me wide awake.

Probably thanks to a huge dump of fight or flight chemicals into my bloodstream.

As I sat up and asked her what she was doing she replied: “SSShhhss, can you hear that?”

I listened… Nothing.

Then I heard it.

A clawing, scratching sound.

Like something up in the roof was trying to dig its way into the room.

I got up and began banging on the ceiling, in an attempt to persuade whatever critter was making the noise to feck off and let us go back to sleep.

After a few minutes of silence Clarabella and I got back into bed.

Just as I began to slide into sleeps warm embrace… ScratchScratchScratch.

To cut a long story short, after an hour of:

Clarabella suggested we go sleep on the futon in the spare room.

She’s clever like that.

I’d probably have kept battling against the critter all night long.

And that’s going to have to be it for today’s ZEN+ Daily.

Because I’m way behind schedule and feeling spaced out from a lack of sleep.

Luckily for me I’ve got Qigong and my afternoon nap to help me get rid of this fuzziness.

And I’ll get up in the loft later and see what I can see.

But I promise you this…

If that critter comes back again tonight I’m going to go downstairs, get Sammy (the cat), put him up in the loft and let him sort the problem out.

Normally I’m one of the most easy going guys you’ll meet.

But when it comes to my sleep – after what I’ve learned about how vital it is to every single aspect of your health and vitality – I’m as serious as the Tax Man.

Right, time for Louis walk.

Bye for now


P.S. You’ve missed the 50 percent off deal I was offering on my 28 day Sleep Solution product.

But at full price, it’s still great value.

And if your poor sleep isn’t caused by:

Then there’s a good chance it will help you.

And if it doesn’t it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

So if you’ll simply give it a try, I promise to refund you in full if you’re not completely delighted with the results.

1 week, 3 months, 1 year – it doesn’t matter.

If you’re not totally delighted with The Sleep Solution, if you don’t feel it’s worth the money you paid for it, simply let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

All the risk is on me.

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