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Why Fish don’t get hernias

By Marcus Santer

I love to watch TV on the ipad whilst fixing my dinner.

You can learn all kinds of interesting factoids.

Including why fish don’t get hernias.

Let me explain…

You’d be amazed at the similarities between fish and humans, more about that in a moment.

Because first we need to talk gonads:

Fish: Cold blooded and so they keep their gonads near their heart

Human: Warm blooded and sperm can’t stand the heat. At week 12 in the male fetus the gonads are near the heart, just like a fish, but by week 24 they’ve dropped through the body to where they’ll spend the rest of their life… Outside the body. Trouble is this journey creates a weakness in males where our guts can pop through leaving us vulnerable to certain types of hernia.

Now if that doesn’t wow your friends during your next conversation…

Try this:

There’s a remarkable skeletal architecture shared by birds, fish, amphibians and humans.

It’s the arms and legs.

They all have:

Dogs, fish, birds, bats, cows – you name it – all share this skeletal configuration in their limbs.

Which shows we all shared a common ancestor.

And it’s taken over 350 years for the human body to take it’s current shape.

But up until recently in evolutionary history there was a mystery. A huge gap of millions of years between animals with fins to animals with limbs.

A missing link Darwin predicted had to exist.

The brave ancestor that made the journey from sea to land.

Well, it took Anatomist Neil Shubin and his team over a decade, but they found it.

And called it: Tiktaalik.

An Inuktitut word meaning: Big freshwater fish.

So there you go, we’re all evolved from fish. It’s just some of us are more fish than others =)

Anyway, the program I watched is called: Your Inner Fish: An Evolution Story

Speaking of evolution, if you want to get the most out of your genetic heritage make sure you’re following a ZEN+ Lifestyle.

It’s all explained in my book:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

Bye for now


P.S. I’m sometimes asked what I like to do when I’m not writing about ZEN+

Well now you know, I like to watch TV =)

Any TV before 20:30 hours is strictly educational, after that… All bets are off and the more weapons, death, destruction and action the better.

Much to Clarabella’s chagrin LOL!

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