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Why do they tell you to do this?

By Marcus Santer

It’s 06:42 and I’m sat in my Woffice with the smell of freshly made Japanese green tea filling my nostrils.

And I’m thinking about what to write today.

I can hear a jet roaring through the sky 1000’s of feet above me and it gives me an idea.

Let’s see how this goes…

You know when you’re sat on a plane waiting to take off and the air stewards give their safety talk?


Can you remember the part where you’re told to put your own oxygen mask on before trying to help others?

Why do they tell you to do that?

Because if you’ve passed out from a lack of oxygen you’re not going to be able to help anyone. So by taking care of your own needs first, you’re in a much stronger position to support and help those around you.

It’s great advice for life too.

If you’re:

And so on.

How much service, help and support are you going to be able to give to those around you?


And this is especially true if you’re one of the many people caring for a friend or family member who due to age, illness, disability, mental health problems or an addiction is unable to care very well for themselves.

You simply must take care of yourself first.

And the tools, tips and techniques in my book: ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer can help you to help yourself.

Taking care of yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s smart.

Find out more about the ZEN+ Book ==> here <== Bye for now Marcus P.S. I wanted to keep today’s Z+D short and sweet.

They’ve been a bit long of late.

But if you’re still ready for more… Check this out.

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