ZEN+ : Helping you Stay Young and Age Well

Who else wants a simple way to feel better in a morning?

You know what?

No matter how good I feel…

Or how crappy I feel…

I always feel better after my morning Cosmic Shower practice.

I feel stronger:

But I guess that’s not surprising.

Because by practicing Cosmic Shower you’re not only deliberately switching your operating system from Fight, Flight or Freeze mode to Rest, Repair and Build mode…

You’re also using your consciousness to generate an internal shower of cosmic energy.

Now whilst the rational scientist in me may question what exactly that means, there is no doubting the end result.

And that’s why out of the 100+ different Qigong forms and techniques I’ve encountered over the last 15 years Cosmic Shower is still the one I practice more than any other.

Now the only thing I enjoy more than practicing Cosmic Shower is teaching it to others.

And I’m excited to be sharing it with a small group of suave and sophisticated folk in Trondheim this Sunday.

If you can join us – there’s still time and plenty of spaces – you should.

But if you can’t…

And I know many of you have written in to tell me travelling from where you live to Norway simply isn’t an option.

Then keep your eyes peeled in January.

Because I’ll be using various tools of the Internet to run a small online Cosmic Shower workshop.

Sure it won’t be as good as learning directly from me in person.

That’s just common sense.

But it will be the very next best thing.

Right, I need to get packing.

And if you’re joining me in Norway this weekend… I very much look forward to meeting you.

Bye for now


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