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What Type of Bird Are You?

By Marcus Santer

Here’s something I never thought I see myself writing…

I LOVE doing household chores.

No, seriously.

Every Sunday between 11am and 12pm I:

It’s one part of the week I really look forward to.

But wait, because there’s something I like to do whilst cleaning that probably explains why I enjoy it so much.

I listen to podcasts, interviews and research I’ve stacked up during the week.

Now I’m not usually a fan of multitasking because I find it’s a great way to do a half assed job. But cleaning whilst listening to information is a winner. Sure I could do the cleaning without it, but then I’d have to switch to full on mindfulness mode.

Slight detour –> My good friend TJC sent me an interesting article on some new research on Mindfulness which I had a hard time coming to terms with initially. Remind me to tell you about it in a future Z+D – You won’t believe it.

But I digress…

So where were we? Right household chores.

I was listening to BBC Radio 4’s ‘All in the Mind‘ Podcast and this is what I heard:

Psychologists like to divide people into groups and sleep is no different.

Two groups you’ll be familiar with are:

  1. Night Owls – Like to get up later in the morning and come alive at night
  2. Larks – Like to get up earlier in the morning and feel sluggish in the evening.

Research has shown there’s even genetic differences between these two types.

Now Russian scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science are proposing two more diurnal types based on their study:

How many diurnal types are there? A search for two further ‘bird species’ [1]

They invited 130 healthy folk to a sleep lab and kept them awake for 24 hours.

The volunteers answered questions about their sleep patterns during the preceding weeks and at various times during the 24 hours the volunteers were asked to complete questionnaires.

Based on their results of wakefulness and sleepiness during the study the researchers identified two other diurnal types.

  1. A high energy group – who reported feeling pretty sprightly in the morning and the evening
  2. A lethargic group – who reported feeing pretty sluggish in the morning and the evening.

Now the researchers didn’t come up with bird names for these two new groups, but I’d propose:

  1. Swifts – For those lucky folk who are high energy
  2. Dodo – For those folk who are low energy

Regardless of what group you think you belong to, there’s no denying the value of good quality sleep.

If that’s something you’re struggling with, then this will be of interest to you.
Bye for now


P.S. I also think the type of bird you are can change.

In my 20’s and 30’s I was a hardcore night owl. When Clarabella went to bed that’s when I’d be doing my best work, it’s when I really felt I could tap into my creative juice.

Now I’m in my 40’s I much prefer to get up at 6am.

After a good nights sleep, my mind is buzzing with ideas and rapidly making connections between bits of information, it’s when I do my best work.

But whatever type of bird you might be, you gotta get good sleep.

If you want help with that why not check out:

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[1] Putilov, Arcady A., Olga G. Donskaya, and Evgeniy G. Verevkin. “How many diurnal types are there? A search for two further “bird species”.” Personality and Individual Differences 72 (2015): 12-17.

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