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What Louis and I found at the end of Secmaton Lane

By Marcus Santer

We get a lot of tourists here in Dawlish.

Not surprising really with the beautiful Devon coastline and black swans.

Now a lot of very short sighted Dawlish-ites resent the number of tourists we get.

I say short sited, because they don’t seem to understand if it wasn’t for the money tourism brought in, a lot of folk in Dawlish wouldn’t have jobs and couldn’t afford to live here all year round.

But boy does it get busy during the six week school holidays.

A car journey that usually takes you 5 minutes can end up taking you half an hour.


For obvious reasons tourists tend to stick to the town and sea front.

So you can imagine my surprise when me and Louis reached the end of Secmaton lane – where all the new housing development is – and came face to face with two Germans on bicycles.


They looked totally lost.

And because I’m such a friendly looking guy and Louis so gorgeous one of them asked me for help.

Saying: “Is this Nickleby Place?”

Trying my best not to cause offence I pointed at the huge sign advertising that this development of new houses was indeed: Nickleby place.

It was working at Tesco that I learned you have to be very careful when pointing out the obvious to somebody.

Let me explain…

I was stacking shelves when this guy with his wife asked me where the pizza’s were.

I looked up, pointed behind him and said: “Sure, they’re over there where the sign says Pizza’s, Cheese and Dairy”

He went off with his wife, I went back to stacking shelves and I thought no more about it.

Until a few minutes later when he came back on his own, all piss and vinegar, saying if I ever insulted him again I’d be in trouble.

It took me a while after he stormed off to work out what the hell he was on about.

I tell ya, some people can be so touchy.

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yes, the two German cyclists looking for Nickleby Place.

The woman looked at me very confused whilst I pointed at the sign.

So I added: “Over there you’ve got The Bunting’s development and way over there you’ve got the Swan’s Rise development. There’s a lot of new houses being built here at the moment.”

Both cyclists looked at me blankly.

That’s when I figured they really weren’t looking to buy a new house, they had clearly come here expecting to find something else.

But what?

The man said: “Charles Dickens?”

The penny finally dropped.

Luckily for my cyclist friends I’m very well read and realised he was referring to the book Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Darwin.

Sorry Charles Dickens =)

I explained this was a housing development and had nothing to do with Charles Dickens. And they explained that some silly person had given them very bad information.

Fortunately for them, they’d bumped into me and Louis.

So it wasn’t a wasted trip for them.

Because I was quickly able to draw them a simple little map, so they could sample some of the best – off the beaten track beauty – that Dawlish has to offer. And still get them back to Dawlish Warren where they were staying.

So what’s this got to do with you?

Well, it makes clear the importance of being careful who you take advice from.

And of doing your own homework if you want to save yourself wasted time and effort.

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Bye for now


P.S. I’ll never forget the first year me and my family moved here.

I was 12 and out of my bedroom window you could see one of the camp-site fields in the distance.

I remember going to bed one evening and the field was empty.

But when I woke up it was crammed to the gills.

I tell ya, I thought we’d been invaded by Vikings =)

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