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What I said to get a job I wasn’t qualified for…

By Marcus Santer

22 years ago I went for a job interview.

It was for the position of trainee librarian at Nottingham Central Library.

Now, I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently my degree wasn’t high enough to qualify for an interview.

They wanted candidates with a 2:2 or higher.

And I only had a third.

But there’d been a mistake made somewhere and I’d been given an interview. I was told this later by one of my bosses.

So I got an interview, but the interviewers had no intention of giving me one of the jobs.

But I didn’t know that.

So there we were going through the motions.

And they ask me this question:

“Why do you want the job?”

My reply so impressed the panel they decided to ‘overlook’ my lack of qualifications and give me a job anyway.

And what was my reply?

I can still remember the gist of it today.

It went like this –

“I believe libraries are a vital resource to the communities they serve. They allow anyone, regardless of socio-economic status or age to access information.

Information they can use to help them better themselves and those around them.”

And I meant it.

Remember this was before the Internet was easily accessible by everyone.

You know… When dinosaurs ruled the world =)

And I guess the interviewers knew I meant it because they gave me a job in spite of my lack of qualifications.

I still believe what I said all those years ago.

It’s only the landscape that has changed.

Because thanks to the unstoppable tsunami of progress the Internet has made accessing information only a few clicks away for almost everyone.

And today the big challenge you face isn’t accessing information.

It’s finding information you can trust and rely on.

For example here are some estimates of what happens every day on the Internet:

And get this…

Every minute 72 hours of new video is uploaded to Youtube*

And that was in 2014.

You can bet it’s even more today.

So whilst you can be pretty certain the information you want is available for free somewhere on the Internet. Unless you like wasting your precious finite time… Your best bet is to buy the information you want.

And when it comes to information proven to help you live and age well…

This is probably the best resource available:

ZEN+ Home Study Course

Bye for now


P.S. I’m so glad I got the job at Nottingham Library.

Even though I wasn’t qualified enough for it.

Because it’s where I met Clarabella =)


Always remember that the right information acted upon is a powerful recipe for change.

And there’s enough of the right information in my ZEN+ Home Study Course to keep you healthy and happy for the rest of your life…

If you put it into action of course.

Check it out here.

*Source: http://connect.gwava.com/hs-fs/hub/171972/file-2364039183-jpg/social-suggested-images/DataNeverSleeps_2.0_v2.jpg?t=1439834123848

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