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Want to age well? Change your feelings about ageing…

By Marcus Santer


I usually share a random favourite quote or two over the weekends.

But today I’m going to start doing something different.

I’m going to share my favourite quote – or two – from the reading I’ve done during the week.

And this week…

Well, I’ve done an extraordinary amount of reading, even by my own standards.

It’s all been for May’s ZEN+ Journal.

So let me give you the quote I settled on for this week whilst out walking in the fresh Devon air with Louis this morning:

“When we age we shed many skins: ego, arrognace, dominance, self-opionated, unreliable, pessimism, rudeness, selfish, uncaring … Wow, it’s good to be old!”
Stephen Richards


Here’s what you’re going to find in May’s ZEN+ Journal:

  1. The enormous scale of our planets historyincluding your part in it – made tangible using a toilet roll. It’s been a while since I came across a better way of putting life into perspective.
  2. The book I’m reading at the moment that’s totally shaken up my view on health, fitness and strength… For the better.
  3. Four key areas you want to make sure are in balance if you want to live a happy life
  4. I finally reveal the 7 levels of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid – Based on my decades of helping people to move happier, stronger and healthier through the world, I’ll show you the 7 levels – in order of importance – you want to pay attention to if you want to live and age well. And it’s all backed up with data, references and studies you can check for yourself to make sure what I’m giving you is based on FACTS and not wishful thinking.
  5. Four important notes to bear in mind before using the Healthy Ageing Pyramid
  6. Level 01 – The Foundation: You’ve heard the one about the guy who built his house upon the sand? Yeah, that didn’t turn out too well did it? Discover the foundational level you need to build your long term health upon.
  7. The huge gap between what people know and what they do that leads to 68 percent of all deaths worldwide. But what really gets my goat is that for those of us – like you and me – who’ve won the lottery of life by being fortunate enough to live in a ‘developed’ country most of these deaths are totally avoidable. And I’ll back that statement up with proof.
  8. “If you X, Y and/or Z you’re stacking the odds of a shorter, more disease filled and miserable life in your favour”FACT. Find out what X, Y and Z are on page 7.
  9. 10 reasons why most people struggle to embrace the foundational level of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid
  10. The health checks you want to get to spot any unwanted illnesses in their early stages, which makes treating them so much more successful.
  11. The ‘thorn’ that forced me into a writing frenzy which resulted in my first book: Shaolin Chi Kung
  12. I’ll tell you the way of thinking that separates those who succeed when it comes to getting the benefits of Qigong and ZEN+ from those who don’t.
  13. A truth no-one really wants to hear.
  14. An important little exercise updated for 2016
  15. Why you MUST change your views on ageing and the proof that shows how you think about ageing becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for how you will age.
  16. Four vital areas of life where those aged 65 and above kick ass and take names over everyone else.
  17. You’ve been lied to – The ageing stereotypes you need to stay on your guard against.
  18. Four great examples of folk who break the rules of age and fitness including the 95 year old 200m world record holder.
  19. THAP – Level 01 of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid in a nutshell
  20. A blast from the past – Repetition deepens the impression and this month I resurrect another vital ZEN+ post you really need to own and operate from. This one’s a recent one, yet it generated the most response I’ve had in quite a while.
  21. Just One Thing – Possible action points from this months Journal. I condense all of the material in each Journal into simple action steps. Simply choose one and spend the rest of the month mastering it.

I’m sure there are more gems in the 16 pages of May’s edition of the ZEN+ Journal, but these 21 are the ones that come immediately to mind.

But of course, to get the details on all of the above…

You’re gonna have to be a Journal reader.

And if you’re not…

Join us here.

Bye for now


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