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Vital lesson learned during parents evening

By Marcus Santer

Last night was Ollie’s Year 8 parents evening.

I wasn’t worried.

Ollie’s a good lad, he’s got his head screwed on right and he’s a good worker.

And as we sat with teacher after teacher, I kept hearing a familiar message, one that went like this:

“Ollie has so much to offer, if he would just participate and volunteer his thoughts and answers more.”

I’ve heard it before.

It’s what my teachers used to say about me.

And from my experience it means one of two things:

  1. The teacher is so boring they could put a cup of coffee to sleep
  2. Ollie’s a little shy and keeps his opinions to himself

Having met most of his teachers I’d say it’s a little of both – depending on the teacher.

Just like me.

And everything was going fine until we spoke with his English teacher and I asked her the question utmost on Clarabella’s and my minds:

“Why isn’t Ollie in the higher group for English?”

“Because of his handwriting.” She replied. “It’s so unreadable I can’t tell if he’s understood the work.”

Now I’m going to interrupt this little story to point out something you might not be aware of. Ollie has hemiplegia. Which means he had a stroke whilst still in the womb and as a result the right side of this body doesn’t work as well as it could.

And he should have been right handed.

So as much as we’ve tried, his writing with his left hand is pretty hard to understand, as his English teacher rightly pointed out.

Trouble is, back in December we had a meeting with the school about this very subject. Because none of us want want Ollie’s handwriting to be a barrier to his academic achievement. And at that meeting we were assured Ollie would have access to a laptop so he could type his thoughts and answers.

So here’s the valuable lesson I learned.

When you’re told something will happen,
make sure you check it has actually happened

Some things are too important to take on faith alone.

Because a month on, Ollie still doesn’t have access to a laptop to write his answers on and he’s been held back academically as a result.

I take the blame for this, for believing the school would follow through on the action they said they’d take.

And later today I will be contacting the school…

And Ollie will have access to that laptop… And he will go up a level in English.

You can take that to the bank.

And before I finish here today, I’d like to suggest there’s something you shouldn’t leave in anybody else’s hands…

That’s your health.

You want to be on that subject like a bear on honey.

And if you need help knowing what to do about it and why you need to do it.

Download my book: ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

It does exactly what it says in the title.

Bye for now


P.S. I learned a very valuable statistics lesson last night too.

Ollie’s French teacher told us in his last test, Ollie got 20 out of 30.

That’s 67% – not too good right?


Here’s the deeper lesson…

Out of the 30+ kids in Ollie’s class only two kids scored higher.

Put into context that 67% now looks a helluvalot better don’t it?

I tell you, statistics is a tricky subject.

But taking great care of your health isn’t.

I’ve made it easy for you.

Read this and I’ll show you how.

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