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Two of my not-so-secret weapons in the quest for health

By Marcus Santer

I have a not-so-secret weapon.

One thing above all others that helps me to stack the odds of a:

And happier life in my favour.

If you’ve got one or more of these in your life, you’ll be okay.

And if you haven’t, I hope I can fill the role for you.

So what is this one thing I’m building up to?

It’s a good buddy who’s even more into living a healthy lifestyle than you are.

Seriously it’s a great boost.

Because they’re always sharing new discoveries with you.

And because you know them, you can trust them to have done their homework too.


Recently my good friend Michael recommended Quest bars to me.

And so tasty you find yourself thinking they’re too good to be true.

But at around 20 quid for 12 they’re kinda pricey if you’re eating them on a daily basis to supplement your protein intake.

So I went looking for an alternative.

And that’s where my other not-so-secret weapon comes in.

Hopefully you’ve got one of these in your life too.

A partner who supports you in your quest for a:

And happier life.

I’m lucky to have Clarabella in my life.

And I was talking to her about Quest bars.

So she did a bit of research of her own.

And came back a week later with her very own creation.

As a protein bar they’re a bit of a fail to be honest.

I don’t know what the exact Nutritional Values are, but with honey and dates and oats in… Well I can’t endorse them as a protein bar.

But as a relatively healthy and totally gorgeous snack or dessert…

They’re a slam dunk.

Clarabella calls them: 5-Bars.

How come?

Because they’ve got just 5 all natural ingredients in them.

And I’ll be sharing the recipe and instructions in next months ZEN+ Journal.

Right time for Louis morning walk.

Bye for now


P.S. There’s a beautiful red sky this morning.

And whilst I try to photograph it on Louis walk…

You should be deciding whether the ZEN+ Journal could help you to stack the odds of a:

And happier life in your favour.

Full details right here.

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