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Three reasons why you don’t get what you want

By Marcus Santer

Okay, I gotta be super quick today.

Ollie’s on school holiday and his physiotherapist is paying a home visit and I know from experience these visits throw the whole day out of balance.

Plus she’s coming early, so I’m doing a rush job on today’s ZEN+ daily.

Right, how about I share three reasons why I think most people don’t get the results they want from what they’re doing?

Sound good?

Buckle up and hang on tight because here we go…

Based on over a decade of teaching skills and techniques to people from all over the world to help them live happier, healthier and longer lives I’ve observed three obstacles that stop people succeeding in getting the results they want.

They are:

1) They don’t realise how much effort is involved – This is a tricky one.

I try to be transparent about how much effort is involved in living a happier, healthier and longer life. And it costs me a lot of business to other folk offering health, vitality and longevity on a quick and easy silver platter.

Hard work is not a popular idea.

I honestly believe you can have whatever you’re willing to work hard for.

Because make no mistake about it, getting strong, fit and healthy takes effort. And once you’ve got it, it takes effort to maintain it too.

2) They don’t have a plan – This is a very common one.

One of the most popular posts I ever wrote on my Qigong15 blog was this one. I think people liked it so much because it gives you a list of strategies you can use to keep things going when the honeymoon’s over.

Let me explain…

When you start learning something new there’s a period where you’re all fired up, ready to kick ass, take names and bend the fabric of the universe to your will.

But it never lasts for long.

And when it wears off you that’s when you need a plan to help you keep on keeping on.

3) They don’t know what to do with failure – This is a tough one.

Whenever you set out to make positive change in your life you’re going to be doing new things. And one of the ingredients that goes with learning new stuff is failing.

Failure is one of the most powerful teaching tools, if you can handle it.

I remember when I rocked up to Sweden to do the 3 day Progressive Callisthenic Certificate and failed. It sucked big time. But instead of storming off like some folk did, I hung around until it was all over and asked one of the teachers what I needed to do to pass the test.

And went home and did it.

A couple of months of hard, consistent and regular work I took the test again – And passed.

Failure to achieve something doesn’t have to mean it’s ‘Game Over’ and failing sure as sugar don’t make you a failure.

Failing usually means you have a choice…

To focus or to fold.

To dig deeper or to quit.

Your choice.

Conclusion – The truth about getting what you want.

If you’re prepared to:

  1. Put forth the required effort to get what you want
  2. Put together a plan to keep you going when the going gets tough
  3. Put up with failure and accept it as an opportunity to dig deeper

You can have what you want.

But with this in mind, make sure you choose very carefully what it is you want.

Because as a wise person once said:

“You can have whatever you want,
you just can’t have everything you want.”

So choose wisely.

And if you decide you want a tried and tested plan for a happier, healthier and stronger life you can get started here.

Bye for now


P.S. I finished building the skeleton of the ZEN+ HSC yesterday.

Today I start putting the flesh on those bones!

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