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This really pushes my buttons (rant alert)…

By Marcus Santer

Oh brother…

Before I start writing I feel I ought to warn you I can feel a rant coming on.

So feel free to ignore this post okay?

Now truth is I used to be a real fan of the brand John Lewis, until I got this email last week titled:

“Show someone they’re loved this Christmas.”

Which as you would expect was full of gifts you could buy.

Now this kinda thing really pushes my buttons.

It has done for decades.

The idea that you show someone how much you love them by how much money you spend on them.

So if you spend a metric shit ton amount that shows your REALLY love them.

But if you don’t, then you’re a tight wad, skin flint who hates everyone.

Does anybody still actually believe this baloney?

That it’s worth going into debt, or maxing out your credit cards just so you can supposedly show how much you truly love someone?


Here’s an idea…

If you really want to show someone they’re loved this Christmas…

How about you spend some time with them?

You know, really listen to what they have to say and show a genuine interest in what’s going on in their life.

How about doing something with them?

You know, go for a walk, hire a canoe, learn a new skill together.

How about helping them?

You know, find out somewhere they’re stuck and give of your time to help them. Maybe fix that leaking tap or take their bins out each week.

I don’t know this is your loved one we’re talking about.

And here’s another thought…

Your time is the most precious thing you own.

You have less of it now than you’ve ever had.

So if you REALLY want to show someone they’re loved this Christmas I suggest you give some of your time to them.

And failing that…

Give them something they can use to enhance the quality of their life.

Like a copy of my PERFECT Qigong System.

And then you practice Qigong together in 2016 and how cool would that be?

And if you order today – unless you live in South Africa – there’s a very good chance the book and disc will get to you in time for you to give it to your loved one for Christmas.

Hey, if you put their name in the comments box on the payment page I’ll even put a personal message in the book just for them.

Everyone knows a signed book is way cooler than an unsigned one.

To purchase a copy of the PERFECT Qigong System right now: Click here

For more details about what makes the PQS such a great gift: Click here

Bye for now


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